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WhatsApp developers have been very busy with rolling out beta versions of this messaging app, all of which are availed via the official website of the application.

However, the full and stable version usually takes several weeks or even months before it is published in the official Google Play Store.

Users of this Facebook-owned messaging app had been stuck on the same version of WhatsApp for the past several months, and the news of a new version will breathe a sigh of relief in them.

WhatsApp 2.12.250 stable version now available for free download

WhatsApp users can finally get a new and stable version of WhatsApp 2.12.250 directly from the Google Play Store. This update took place a few days ago, and it is available for all Android users.

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This new update comes in with all the latest features that we have been following through with the release of each beta version. Numerous APK versions have been rolled out in the past few months,and lots of new features were being touted. The good news here is that this release comes with a good number of these features on board. Also, it means that anyone who had not managed to get the previous APKs now has a chance to enjoy the latest features of WhatsApp.

What’s new in WhatsApp 2.12.250 stable version for Android?

The first and most notable update in the latest WhatsApp for Android is the addition of colored emojis. Users can now send emojis with different skin tone variations. To access them, users only need to tap and hold on an emoji and more skin tone variations will pop up for selection.

You will also notice a bunch of new emojis when you update to the latest version of WhatsApp. The highly talked about Vulcan salute, famously known as the Spock salute, has finally made its way to the stable version. Furthermore, you can now make use of the infamous middle finger,and this one too has its skin tone variations. There are a few LGBT-friendly emojis where you can see boys and girls holding hands.

Custom chat options

Another major update that has come to this platform is the ability to customize notifications and other chat options. It is now possible for users to set personalized tones, light colors for specific conversations, manage vibrations, choose a pop-up notification style as well as mute conversations for a predefined period.

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The recent WhatsApp APKs have been dominated by the news of marking messages as read and unread. Well, this ability is now present in the current stable version of WhatsApp. Furthermore, the new WhatsApp calling feature has now received a major update that enables users use low data during voice calls. This enables them save on data usage as well as ensure the best call quality for users with poor internet coverage.

Other extras in WhatsApp 2.12.250

There is more to WhatsApp than just colored emojis, ability to mark messages as read and unread as well as theuse of low data mode. According to the change log, there are changes such as support for new languages, Urdu and Bengali, as well as an easier and quicker way of saving or sending a message to a contact after you’ve received their contact card.

The ability to make backs on Google Drive has also been touted in a number of recent WhatsApp APKs. However, this update does not come with this feature in it. Instead, there are changes with the time the app creates auto back-ups from 4 AM to 3AM. Regarding the release of the Google Drive backup feature, WhatsApp has not mentioned a thing, but it seems it may take a while before this update is made available.

If you have not upgraded to the latest WhatsApp 2.12.250 on your Android device, head to the Google Play Store now to start enjoying these new features.

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