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WhatsApp has rolled out an update that brings a number of new features to users of Android devices, giving them better control over notifications and tones for individual contacts.

WhatsApp latest features and updates

This update brings quite a lot on the Android platform. The ability to toggle the read status of WhatsApp conversations has also been included in this stable version after having showed up in various beta versions. If you had not tried any of the previous WhatsApp APKs, the full version now presents to you this feature where you can press and hold on a chat message on the list and mark it either as read or unread, depending on the current status of the message.

However, when you mark a message as read yet you haven’t opened it, the double ticks of the sender will still turn blue to indicate that you have opened the message.


Launch WhatsApp and open up any conversation. While in there, tap on the menu to reveal a list of options that includes “view contact.” Tap on this option and you will see a bunch of new options in there. When you tap on the “Custom notifications” option, you will come across more customizations settings for lights, vibration alerts, call ringtones, pop-ups, and notification tones. In this way, you can assign a specific ringtone to a loved one and never miss anything that comes from them regardless of whether your phone’s display is on or off.

The latest version of WhatsApp also lets users mute chats from individuals or groups for a period that is already predefined by the app. However, users still have the option of receiving notifications for incoming messages, which can also be disabled when muting chats. Chats can be muted for 8 hours, one week or even one year.

WhatsApp has also introduced a new feature for Android users where they will now be able to choose from as many as six color variations when chatting with emojis. This feature has long been available on WhatsApp for iPhone and WhatsApp Web, but it is only making its debut on the Android platform. All users need to access these six color variations of emojis is to press and hold on an emoji and a pop-up with more colors will show up.

If you are keen enough with the list of emojis, you will also notice that there are new additions, among them the Vulcan salute and the infamous middle finger, both of which are available in six color variations.

WhatsApp Video Calls

If you haven’t been using WhatsApp calls due to their high data consumption rate, there is good news for you as this update brings the “Low data” feature on board. Using this feature, you can easily check on your data usage during WhatsApp calls such that the least amount of data is consumed during the calls, but at the same time maintaining the best quality levels in voice clarity. This feature will come as an invaluable addition to users in areas with poor internet connectivity as well as the pocket-minded fellows.

Update available in Google Play Store

If you still haven’t had a chance to taste the features in the new WhatsApp 2.12.250, you can visit the official Google Play Store to get this new version. The download is available for free, but this free package only lasts for a year after which you will have to pay an annual fee of $0.99, which is quite fair considering the services on offer.

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