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WeChat, the most popular messaging and calling app in China, is working towards becoming everything that everyone in the world wants.

Everyone wants to stay fit, it’s just that, sometimes, it takes a lot to be fit and it proves quite a huddle for many to keep a routine fitness program.

However, it seems WeChat will soon be coming to your aid with a fitness tracker that comes preinstalled within the app. This means that you will now have more reason to smile as you won’t have to spend cash on a dedicated fitness tracker or maybe pay for a third party application to monitor your fitness program.


WeChat messenger Eyeing to be everything that everyone wants

WeChat has launched a feature known as WeRun and it will be integrated within the app so as to help in monitoring the steps you make in a single day. This past February, WeChat Sports was launched within China, but very few users outside the country noticed this development. It means that something was being planned and here it is – WeRun.

WeRun will now form part of the many unofficial accounts that WeChat has opened this year. WeChat also launched another service after the Nepal earthquake, a payment channel where the users could make donations in support of UNICEF without the need to leave the app.

WeRun to count the number of steps you make in a day

The new WeRun feature of WeChat will keep track of all the strides you make in a day. Furthermore, the social aspects of this app will not be left behind as the users will be able to share as well as see how they match up with some of their friends who follow this official account. These results can also be published on WeChat Moments.

It is possible to set daily targets and if this is enabled, the app will send you a message to notify you how far you are from reaching your target. However, this will be not be automated as you will first have to authorize the app to record your steps.


The major difference between WeRun and WeChat Sports is that the users can still enjoy the same benefits of the latter without downloading and installing this stand-alone app. It’s a lot easier to click on “follow” and get into an account, than having to hover around trying to install an app for the same purpose. WeRun was released just this week and it comes only in one language – Chinese.

WeChat is famously known for its efforts outside the messaging scope and as of now, the users can do almost everything right from within the app. Whether it is hailing a taxi or making a restaurant reservation, WeChat will be at your service. This is the direction that Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are headed and it will be true to say that WeChat is spearheading this push for a brand new era in the messaging world.

Facebook Messenger has already started stepping up its efforts in streamlining the app in line with the current market trends. Just recently, the app was boosted with a new Facebook M personal digital assistant, something that Tencent must for sure be watching very closely.