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Viber is a leader of instant messaging and free calling services across the world. This Tencent-owned app has more than 606 million users from all over the world and in the latest update; this app has opened up more channels and business opportunities for its millions of users.

The latest version also comes in with a bunch of other updates for the common user, among them improvements in the video calling interface, enhanced voice calling quality, service messages as well as promotional sticker packs.

Viber keeps on monetizing its services

Viber PC

Viber has introduced a brand new app to person (A2P) technology where business entities that make use of the company’s services can send information, be it informative or personal, to their clients using this platform. This innovative API is aimed at helping business organizations to engage effectively with their customers via this familiar interface of Viber.

This is a personal approach to client services as businesses can easily share rich content with their customers in a way that is very familiar and intuitive as well and in the long run, they will realize the economic benefits of it all. In this new update, all companies that use Viber to send messages to their customers will now be able to include rich content such as images, buttons as well as text of up to one thousand characters regardless of the language used. What this means is that the end users of this service will end up with a more engaging experience than before.

There is even more to this new Viber API. Once this latest update is downloaded, businesses will be able to get an insight of how users interact with their efforts of communicating to them as they can know when the message is sent, delivered or even if the target has seen it.

Viber is an at a greater advantage thanks to the fact that it offers some of the best rates around and for sure, any business will want to take advantage of this offer. In fact, Viber only charges businesses for messages that are successfully delivered. Some of the business entities already making use of Viber’s messaging service are Nexmo, Forty-two Telecom, and SMS Online.

Viber Video Calls

Viber Sticker packs

There are more offers from Viber with respect to business opportunities. The company allows different organizations to come up with unique stickers to be part of their online marketing campaigns. When companies use free promotional sticker packs, it becomes easier to attract users and generate brand awareness. Users can download these free packs and use them in messaging.

There is also another sticker package known as “Free and Follow” where traffic is driven to Public Chats that are followed by Viber users. This is a cool way in which brands can keep in touch with their followers and keep them up to date with the latest facts, news, and promotions, among others. When a user downloads this “Free and Follow” pack, they will be redirected to the relevant Public Chat automatically and in this way, brands can easily engage this audience.