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Viber is an application that can be installed on smartphones, tablets and even computers to make free calls all over the world, using 3G or WiFi connectivity. The WhatsApp users weren’t able to install this app on WiFi tablets, because it required a valid phone number to verify the users’ accounts, so they needed to install the application on another device with SIM card support, then to use the details on their tablets.

This method didn’t work with Viber, but the good news that now it’s possible to install this app on a WiFi iPad or on an Android tablet.

Viber 5.6.0

In the end, Viber’s developers extended support for tablets without SIM cards, so now, you can install this application on your WiFI tablet and still be able to verify your account. So, if you happen to own a WiFi iPad or an Android tablet, install Viber, open it and when you will be asked to enter your number, specify the one that you have on your phone.

You will receive a SMS with a verification code which you’ll enter on your tablet, then Viber will activate your account and will complete de installation process. Then, you will setup the application on your WiFi tablet and start adding contacts.

Since you’re connected to a wireless network, you won’t have any problems with the voice calling feature. The calls will have a HD quality, they won’t be interrupted and you won’t hear lags, as long as the WiFi signal is strong.

WeChat, Viber, Messenger

Viber was launched in December 2010, being created by four Israeli and Belarusian partners. At the beginning of 2014, the company was acquired by Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten and now there are 249 million active users.

An important feature is the VoIP calling – the users can call mobile and landline numbers, using the Viber Out service. The rates are acceptable and depend from country to country.