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Quite recently, Skype announced that it is rolling another update for the Android and iOS users.

This update will allow its users to share photos and files with friends and family even when they are offline. Previously, this feature was not available and users on both ends were required to be online for sending and receiving photos and files. This new update has also confirmed that this latest version of Skype for Android is equipped with a multi-tasking feature and better voice calling, especially in such areas where internet connection is not strong.

Users can avail these features on Skype only by clicking on its notification option which used to be slow and lagging previously. Skype allows its users to enable picture to picture option through which a user can easily navigate from anywhere without keeping the video call active. Skype version 5.10 for Android and iOS has brought back unified resource identifier support (URI). This means the users can link the iOS device and mobile websites with Skype on iPhone. This allows users to choose a phone number from Skype’s contact list to initiate the process of making phone calls or sending instant text messages.

Skype Group Video Calling

Skype hopes that this recent update will surely encourage many users to make it their default app. For example, a user viewing a restaurant or hotel website wants to make a call on the number displayed on the website; he or she just needs to click on the Skype icon. In addition to this, Skype has also improvised itself showing the phone number on the dialer screen.

Features of new version of Skype for Android and iOS

The updated version of Skype 5.3 has many features such as bubble style layout design in Chat, emoji support which would like to add fun to their conversation. These emoticons are similar to Facebook messenger and therefore it offers the same feel here.

If a user is driving, Skype will offer him a speech to text feature that will allow him to be hands free and can continue conversation on Skype without typing messages. This new version of Skype has eliminated auto scroll down feature which means the chat will not scroll down automatically. This change has been made for the benefit of the users because sometimes it is tough to catch up on some parts that you missed while you were on the move.

Users are now able to view groups in group chat section and change the participant’s avatars according to their choices. Moreover, one can add up to 20 to 25 people in a group. Another feature will soon be introduced for the benefit of the users to log in with another Skype account. This feature proves very helpful for business professionals who need to operate multiple Skype accounts for business meetings.

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Skype has launched a video and voice calling feature known as Qik. This new feature works well on the Android and iOS devices. By launching Qik, Skype has taken a firm step towards growing the number of installations across the globe.

Till now, only Snapchat offers its users with this feature that allow them to quickly share pictures and videos with a self-destructive option. This self-desktop option implies that after a certain period of time, this type of content will automatically be destroyed. This Qik feature has been launched more than a month ago and it has received positive reviews from the users.