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Photos are special moments captured with our phones’ cameras, but it’s preferable to copy them to our computers or laptops, or to an external hard drive, because in case the phones are stolen, we will lose them. Fortunately, if an image is deleted by mistake, it can be recovered.

How? We will teach you below.

Accidents happen all the time, but it’s more painful when they happen to our devices in which we invest a lot of money. In this article we’re not talking about how to be more cautious to protect your phone from being lost or stolen, but we’ll discuss something less serious: how to recover deleted data – photos, music, documents, folders etc.

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For starters, in case you accidentally delete files on your smartphone, then you must act quickly. First of all, you will turn off WiFi or Mobile Data, because this way, the device’s memory won’t have time to be rewritten and the files will still be there. As soon as you take action, the more chances you have to recover your files.

The next step is to install Dr Fone, a free program created by Wondershare, which is compatible with Windows PCs and Macs. After registering and launching the program on your computer, connect your smartphone to it, using a USB cable, but not before making sure that you have USB debugging enabled on your phone. If this option isn’t enabled, go to Settings>About Phone and tap the Build Number multiple times, until you will see a notification informing you that the Developer Options have been enabled.

Go back to the Settings screen and scroll down until you see the USB Debugging option, then check the box beside it. You will be informed by Dr. Fone that the USB Debugging is open and if your Android phone is running Lollipop, you will be required to authorize the PC.

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Dr Fone will make the connection between your computer and your phone and you’ll see categories of deleted files, being allowed to select which one you want to restore. The application will scan your phone’s memory for files, and if you don’t want a deep scan, you can choose the quick data recovery method. If you choose the Deleted files option, you will accept the RSA key that will appear on your smartphone and you will grant Superuser permission.

Give Dr. Fone time to scan your device and at the end, the phone will reboot and you’ll see a message on your PC, saying that the phone is connected again. You will get a list of results with boxes for the photos which you’ll check then hit Recover. That’s it!