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When the service of WhatsApp went down for about four hours, more than 6 million people registered with the Telegram messaging service.

The popularity of this app has reached at the top of Google play store and become the most downloaded messaging app in the world today. In Germany, along with another 46 countries, this app owns the title of the most popular free downloaded app. In the United States also this app successfully secured the No. 1 place in the social network category, keeping aside Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Kik and many other apps.

However, it is not clear immediately how Telegram emerged as an alternative app for WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app of a time. Researchers believe the users could have switched to Facebook messenger, WeChat or Kik, because all of them have around 300 to 500 million users across the globe.


But, the users chose to use Telegram only and therefore they must have noticed something different in this app. The rise of this app is not due to the downtime of WhatsApp, it got popularity and became the # 1 app in Latin America, Spain and Arab several weeks before the downtime of WhatsApp took place. Therefore, it can be assumed that the growth was already there and the downtime or acquisition of WhatsApp just happened to accentuate the effect all over the world.

According to the reports of App Annie, currently Telegram has more than 500 million users across the globe and it has gained this success within a very limited period of time.

Features of Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging service that improves its speed and implemented advanced security features to protect the information of the users. Telegram will give you the feel of using WhatsApp from many aspects such as green check mark, cartoon wall papers, message delivered notification etc.

Besides these, you will also find similar features in Telegram like that of WeChat, Snapchat, Kik etc. These include checking the status of your friend, sharing photos, videos, location, contacts and text messages. These features are available in the other messaging apps as well. Then what makes telegram different from others. Well, its advanced security features and speed which set it apart from the other messaging apps and gives it immense popularity.

On the basis of the reviews of the customers, Telegram is the most secured and fastest messaging app in the world. Reuters reported that when this app was launched in August 2014, the makers of it were not so much confident about its popularity. However, their hard work and effort show great result and they created a history in the media industry.


Telegram is popular and interesting among its users, not just because of its strong security features, but also it allows the developers to establish their own Telegram client. Most of the messaging apps these days, including WeChat and WhatsApp build one size field app and keep third party developers out. However, it is not justified to blame them because to manage dozens of security features as well as federate language is a tough task. Telegram is a non-profit organization and does not charge its users for its services.


Therefore, Telegram seems like an instant messaging app that caters to the needs of the customers. The company has provoked millions of users to switch to Telegram.

However, keeping those users engaged is a tough task and a continuous challenge because keeping a network strong as well as maintaining its security features along with round the clock support assistance require lots of hard work and effort. Moreover, convincing millions of users to switch over this emerging messaging app leaving other popular messaging app behind is not an easy task at all.

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