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Google has always added new features to its products to make sure the users have so much fun and continue to love them.

Today, there are so many people making the most out of the different products Google has provided and one of them is Gmail, the email client of this giant brand. It is very easy to use Gmail to receive and send emails to loved ones, friends and business partners. One of the things that made this email client stand out is the fact that it is unique and doesn’t welcome spam like other email clients did or even do.

With more and more features being added to make using Gmail fun and more exciting, there is one feature that seems to be lost in the excitement of the new Google Inbox. Yes, do you know that for some time now, it is very easy for the users of the email client to edit their office documents in attachments easily from within their inbox? Yes, this announcement was made by Google.

Gmail Import Inbox

However, the excitement of the new inbox and the other unique features it brings, most Gmail account owners seem to forget it exists.

Some of the New Inbox Features

Sorting out your emails has become very easy with the new Gmail. This is because you can easily sort out or Gmail will sort out emails on your behalf. Google places senders on the important list based on some factors like the number of times the email address has sent you emails.

Also, other determinant is how regularly you reply the messages from that sender, etc. However, there are times when Gmail will prioritize an email or sender even when you do not want that sender prioritized. If that happens, simply remove or tag the importance market and the sender will not be considered important by Gmail anymore.


Although it was difficult for these changes to be done in the old Google, the new Google makes everything possible. So, try your best to take your time in finding out more about the new Gmail and use it as much as you can to make your online message receiving life very flexible.

Editing Documents Feature Should be Easy to Use

When you open an email with attachments, you will see that it has three buttons now. There is the download, save to drive and edit buttons. To edit the document, you will need to click on ‘edit’, when you do, the attachment is saved in your Google Drive and there you can have it edited. You can even keep track of the document when you aren’t online.