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Google Hangouts received a web version last week. This came as no surprise to many users as a few days before this release, Microsoft had launched a similar web version for Skype users.

Just days after rolling out this new Google Hangouts for Web, this search giant is already rolling out the first update for the thousands who have already begun embracing this new feature. It is true to say that Google has received lots of successes just by making its products open source. The community behind Google and its products is massive and what the company does is to make use of it.

Google Hangouts

Latest Google Hangouts for Web update instigated by users

Following last week’s official release of this Web version for Hangouts, users have already aired their views on what they feel will make the platform better. As a result, the developers of this app went back to the drawing board and made some vital modifications to the client, and they have already been launched. According to the company’s engineer Jordanna Chord, this is just the first of many updates that will be coming to this Hangouts for the Web platform.

What’s new?

Even though Google has made it official that it will start rolling out the updates to Hangouts for Web as from today, a look at the application’s homepage reveals only some minor changes in the interface. If you are keen enough, you will notice that the size of the chat windows is now larger than before and in this way, users can easily read and reply to their messages without straining.

Instant Messaging is here, and it is here to stay. In fact, it has developed into a very significant area of interest, and it has created lots of unrest in the technology space. Today, every major technology company is coming up with a personalized platform for instant messaging purposes and as a result, the whole messaging ecosystem has become a mess as far as compatibility is concerned.


To sort this mess out, there is a need for these players to adopt a common standard or, open up their systems such that other developers can integrate their messengers. However, this seems to be miles away as these companies keep pushing against each other with competing products that provide the same services.

Keep following us and we will inform you of any other enhancements installed in the latest Google Hangouts for Web. You can also let us know any that you have noticed when using the new Hangouts for Web by commenting in the space below.