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Over the years, Google, through its Google Earth app, has made it very easy for the users to explore the world from the corners of their homes.

This means, you do not need to pay for a plane to travel from your location or country to another country to find out more about it. With your Google Earth app, you are able to know everything without worrying much.

Even though this mapping app is amazing and has over the years been of immense benefit to most people, there are some people who unfortunately know nothing about the app and have never even considered using it before. If you are one of those people, it is time to update or install this app onto your phone and benefit from it as much as you can.

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Google Maps App and Google Earth App

Although Google Maps and Google Earth apps are two different applications that perform almost the same functions, they are not the same and they will never be the same. Over he recent years, however, both apps have gained immense popularity due to their unique features. So, if you think you do not need Google Earth because you have Google Maps, you need to reconsider.

Having both apps will just elevate your life in a marvelous way. The Google Maps mapping app is very different from Google Earth in so many ways. For instance, you are able to keep your information synced across different devices. Also, you can use Google Maps when you are moving from one location to the other.

Google Maps vs. Google Earth

Google Earth has to do more, with showing the users the satellite pictures of the world when they search for specific locations. Users of Google Earth can use it to access satellite images, etc. Google Earth features more unique features than Google Maps. This is one of the reasons why you will find more explorers going in for Google Earth. Some of these features include the 3D content and unique controllers such as SpaceNavigator and even LEAP Motion. With these features and more, using Google Earth is much more exciting.

There is no way you will not be able to find out more about the world when you use Google Earth. All you need to do is to search and you will be where you want to be in no time. All of these you get in clear pictures that can be saved and sent to friends or for future use.

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