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If you have been playing Candy Crush Saga by KING for some time now, you will know that it is quite an interesting game.

However, if you have not had so much fun with it like you should, you might hate it. This game however is a game to die for and if you understand how the game goes, you will never want to stop playing for even a second. If you downloaded Candy Crush Saga with the idea that it was your normal matching mobile game, then you will be disappointed.

This is because the developers of the game look like they put a lot of time and effort to making sure every level in the game is worth sticking to and playing to the end. So, you need to relax and be prepared for the ride of your life. The game is simply addictive and amazing. No wonder it is one of the most successful games in the world today.

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Levels Where Jellies need to be cleared

If you have been able to download and install the game successfully, you will know what is being written about here. There are specific levels in the game where players have to clear the jellies they see before they can move to the next level. In clearing these jellies, there will always be the need for you to be cautious. This is because losing out on the number of moves you have will end the level.

So, you will need to create more special candies so that they can help you get rid of more jellies. Some jelly levels can be quite confusing and difficult, however, concentrate and you will make the most out of it.

Levels that Have Time Attached to Beat

These levels have the main aim of making players obtain a specific score within a timed period. When this is achieved, players are able to move to the next level. Creating special candies in this situation also helps a lot.

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Bottom Line

Although playing Candy Crush Saga can be the most exciting, but stressful process, especially when you wish to complete a certain level, but are unable to, over and over again; you always need to remember that it is important to stay focused.

As you play, try to focus on the candies and also the moves left. This will help you play strategically. Other levels include ingredient levels and candy order levels with more levels to be expected as the months move forward from the