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The Black Ops 3 Beta is now in full swing for the xbox one which means there has been some time to everyone to examine the state of the game so far, and play around with the weapons in real situations against players of every other role.

Most players will come to the simple conclusion that the jack of all trades weapons are the best, such as the razorback and the M8A7, which do both fulfill the role of allowing you to do well in any engagement, but to truly excel at a game with this much movement and this many flank routes it is the specialized weapons that deliver the best performance.

black-ops-3-4k (1)

Controversially perhaps, this means the high fire rate SMGs and the single shot assault rifle which will allow you to kill the best, provided you play around the weapons strength. This is a change to the meta of the game which has previously always had the most easy to use assault rifle be the most powerful weapon in each game, and makes all the interesting classes viable with the right setup, and the most powerful niche weapons are often the most powerful weapons full stop.

The reason I start with this is because the most powerful niche weapon is a blast to the past from black ops 2, which had an incredibly powerful R870 MCS shotgun. A pump shotgun with one shot kill potential was often referred to as overpowered, and dominated the field of shotguns in that game. The KRM-262 is an almost exactly clone of the R870 shotgun, which see’s a buff because of the specialist powers and movement system you see in this game.

It might be easy to see that the shotgun is powerful then, but the best weapon in the game? A little bit of skilled hands on experience will definitely back that up, with the main reason being the map design in this game.

Although stronghold, the newest map is not quite so great for shotguns if you’re willing to play the smaller maps only with the shotgun your results can be quite astounding, as they all have choke points which are within shotgun range and are usually very populated.

Black-Ops-3 (1)

How do you use your shotgun effectively though? It comes down to a few simple techniques, some of which made possible to the way Black Ops 3 works.

First of all, you can fire while sliding, making you a small target rapidly heading towards the enemy who can one shot kill them, a very handy technique. otherwise though, unlike many previous games aiming down sights is significantly more accurate than hip fire, which means that a quick draw grip can take you from being unready to killing in less than a tenth of a second.

Basically this weapon in the right hands is a multi kill monster, and will presumably be balanced before the full release, so make the most of it right now!