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Apple respects its fans and wants to give them the best applications, which are posted on iTunes, after a drastic verification. Apple relies on high quality and this is the reason why its store has fewer applications than the Google Play store, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll recommend you only paid apps, because you’ll find free apps very useful as well.


With this application, you will translate words or phrases to other languages, in order to communicate more easily with your foreign friends who visit you.


Recently, the developers released an update that brought a cool iOS keyboard extension and you are able to use the keyboard in any application, to translate content in real time.

Two Dots

This is actually a game originating from the successful Dots game. There are 385 levels to pass, and you will connect not only dots, but you can also sink anchors, create bombs, make lines etc. The design is simple and very nice, and you won’t get bored playing it for hours.


If you’re struggling with depression or anxiety, then this application will track your moods and will try to reduce your stress by offering you exercises that will help you relax.

Angry Birds 2

The sequel to the famous game was created by Rovio, which made some important visual changes and added some levels. You can select how you want your birds to be launched, in which order they should be launched.


GIF for Messenger

Third party app developers are allowed to create applications that can integrate with Facebook’s Messenger app and GIF is one of the best ones. It will offer you a bunch of animated gifs that you can insert into your messages and they are related to music, reactions, trending etc.

Santander Cycles

The Londoners will love this app, as it provides them information about where to hire cycles and where the closest docking stations are.


The FIFA Weekly

Football fans play FIFA on their computers, when they are at home, and when they leave and want to be up-to-date with the latest news, scores and interviews from this world, they use FIFA Weekly.

Layout from Instagram

This app was created by Instagram and it comes with more options, such as remixing nine snaps and making a nice layout personalized with effects. The result can be uploaded to your Instagram feedback, to be admired by your friends.



This app allows saving maps which can be used in offline mode. HERE Maps offers voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and other information related to the traffic, including incidents. The maps are from 40 countries and cover 900 cities.