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Now there’s even more reason to say “Hello” on Skype. If you have tried this app till now and loved it, then you’ll find the recent update on Skype absolutely amazing! Skype has come up with low cost calling feature that allows you to make calls in any part of the world both on mobile and landline numbers. This is an amazing feature that costs only a little to call your friends or loved ones located in any part of the world.

With such low calling rates, you can easily make international calls at any time you want. You can pay for your calls via Skype credit.

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If you need to make international calls very often, you can take a subscription of Skype that will allow you to save even more money.

Let’s have a look at the features of Skype:

Calling features

  • Skype to Skype calls: Call your friends, family members or business clients located in any part of the world and talk as much as you want, you will not be charged a penny. This is an amazing feature of Skype.


  • Make calls to landlines and mobiles: Now you can make unlimited calls on mobile landline numbers with this new feature of Skype. With low calling rates and no limited time, you can make calls whenever you want.


  • Group calls: With group calling feature of Skype, you can share any news with your friends or team of people in just one step. You can add up to 20 to 25 people in a group. Adding or inviting people who are already using skype is free. To add non-Skype users, you need to make calls to them by using your Skype credit or subscription.


  • Skype Number: Choose a Skype number from a wide variety of codes in different regions and call on Skype from any device. If you are using your Skype for business purposes, you can easily choose a professional number for Skype. This helps you to manage all calls at one place and save money.


  • Forward calls on Skype: With Skype’s new call forward feature, you will never miss a call on Skype. You can forward your calls to any number at low cost per minute or you can pay for the calls via Skype credit or subscription. If someone calls you on Skype but you are offline, you can forward the call on mobile or landline of your choice.

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  • Caller identity: Don’t be an unknown caller. Let others know who is calling on their Skype with free call identification feature. You just need to sign in to your account, tap on the caller ID option and it will automatically show your number while calling on Skype. Once you set the caller ID feature in your Skype, you will receive a confirmation message from the Skype team.


  • International calls at low rate: Make international calls at low rates with Skype’s low cost calling feature. Choose an international number you want to call, you will be given a number to dial and you will straight get connected with people abroad at low cost rate. No data plan or internet connection is required. Hence, it is the ideal option when you are travelling.


  • Click to call: Call on any number on websites in just one single click. Not only this, you can switch from browsing to chatting in just one click. For example, whenever you see a phone number on website or online, just click on its Skype icon and you will get connected to it. In this way, you can also save money as many businesses cover calling costs.


Therefore, all these features you will get only in this new version of Skype.