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WhatsApp developers have finally released the latest stable version of this messaging app and uploaded it in the official Google Play Store.

Many have eagerly been waiting for this new version to be rolled out and now that v2.12.250 is available via the official channel, more than 800 million people who use this app can finally enjoy the many features we have seen in the numerous beta updates the company has been rolling out in the recent past.

WhatsApp APKs have been flooding the internet, with more than two beta versions coming out every week. It has been months since the Google Play Store received a new version of this messaging app, and this comes as a relief to these millions of users. They will finally get to see and use many of the new features that have been hyped in these beta versions.

WhatsApp Emojis

Skin tone emojis

The latest version of WhatsApp comes with new skin tone emojis, a feature that was only available for WhatsApp for iOS users following the upgrade to iOS 8. This feature was also available for those using WhatsApp Web for PCs; however, it was not available for Android users.

If you had installed WhatsApp 2.12.159 beta and above, you’ve probably had a chance to use these colored emojis. Users can select from six color variations as opposed to previous cases where the only option available was Caucasian.

New emojis introduced

WhatsApp has also taken a step forward by introducing new emojis, among them the middle finger gesture and the Vulcan salute. Initially, this middle finger update was available in beta versions, but it was hidden, and it needed one to paste it in a conversation before sending it. The Vulcan salute has been touted in many beta versions and finally, it is here with this new update.

Custom notifications

In addition to skin tone variations in emojis and inclusion of new emojis in the latest WhatsApp 2.12.250, users of this app will also come across new custom notification settings. These have been hyped in the beta versions that have preceded this stable version and they include ability to mute chats for a predefined period, setting specific tones for WhatsApp contacts, duration of vibrations, light as well as changing the notification ringtones.

whatsapp-ios-olympic-rings (1)

Furthermore, users will enjoy a new ability to mark messages as read or unread. Those who enjoy making WhatsApp voice calls using this messenger will also have something to smile about as the latest update fully avails the option of using low data during calls. This option can be found in the Chats and calls settings.

There was no news of additional support for languages, but the change log has a reflection of this with two more languages – Urdu and Bengali – coming on board. There is also a new option where users can easily save a contact or send a message to this contact upon receiving the contact card of this person via a WhatsApp message.

Despite the many amazing updates that have been installed in this new WhatsApp 2.12.250 for Android, there is still no room for Google Drive backups. According to the company, this feature will come out soon, but there is no exact date as to when this will happen. You can head over to the official Google Play Store to get the latest update.