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Talkatone is a useful application which has been specifically designed for its users to allow them to send and receive free voice calls and messages.

The best feature of this app is that you can send messages and make calls even to the non-Talkatone users.

How to start with Talkatone?

Talkatone app supports both the Windows and the iOS devices. You can easily download and install this device from the app store or Google’s play store respectively. After the installation of the app, you will be asked to register an account to use this app. This requires only your email address and you need to confirm the account by clicking on the link provided to your email account. To call any user, you need to give your own number.


Free inbound and outbound calls

With Talkatone, you can make free inbound and outbound calls. However, while making calls to outbound Talkatone users, you will have to pay 1 credit per minute, which indicates calling Talkatone users inbound is free.

Share pictures

You can send pictures to other Talkatone users and receive them as well for free. You can avail this feature if you are using an Android version v3.1. However you cannot send pictures to non-Talkatone users. Presently, Talkatone makers are working on making this feature available for the iOS devices.

Use this app on tablet

This Talkatone app works on Tablets. It means Tablet users can avail all the features of Talkatone without any hassle. In fact you can use your tablet as a Smartphone while travelling outside of the country. With Talkatone, you can receive calls and text messages on your number by running your phone on Wi-Fi or the internet connection and you can save costly roaming charges.

Therefore, turn your tablet into a smartphone by downloading this app on your device and make free calls and send text messages to other mobiles and landline numbers.

How to use Talkatone?

To download and install Talkatone, you must follow the steps below:

  • Go to Google play store and download this app from there
  • Open the app
  • Register a new account by giving your email address and phone number
  • Select a US number for voice calling


Limitation of this service

Your Talkatone account will only expire when you have not used your account for 30 days and have less than 20 credits in your account. However, under such a condition, you will get repeated notifications before finally closing the account. If you have not used your account for 30 days and you have more than 30 credits in your account, 20 credits will be deducted to keep your account active and you will be notified. This deduction is made because Talkatone have to pay for your number on a monthly basis. Therefore, if you would like to keep your account active, you will have to pay 20 credits from your account.

How can you earn more credits?

Once you register with your Talkatone account, you will get free 10 minutes for outbound calls per month. If you wish to earn more minutes, you need to connect your account with Facebook and verify your mobile number. Besides this, you can buy credits for account from the app store at 0.99 dollar.

Where can you use your Talkatone?

You can send and receive texts, phone calls to any US number from anywhere in the world. The rates will always be the same. However, you can send and receive texts and calls outside the United States. While sending texts or making calls make sure that you have a trusted internet connection.

Therefore, you can avail lots of features and advantages with this Talkatone app. Download this app today and keep in touch with your loved ones for free.