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WhatsApp is facing real competition these days with the growing popularity of Tango, another messaging app ruling over the internet marketplace.

Tango has developed similar services like WhatsApp, but it sets itself apart with some notable differences. Here you will come to know about the points that you must consider when selecting between one of these messaging apps.

Computer Vs Mobile

WhatsApp has been made only for the cell phone users. This means you can install this app on your desktop computer or tablet. On the other hand, Tango, a popular messaging app allows the users to install it on desktop computers and enjoy its services in mobile, tablet and computer. The versatility of this application is truly amazing. You don’t need to bring a new sim card for installing Tango on your tablet because it is not connected with your phone number. Tablet users will be amazed to know that a very special version of Tango has been released specifically for a tablet.


Storage is everything

Tango uses a cloud server to store information about the users. Messages and other information are stored securely on the cloud server. On the other hand, WhatsApp uses phone memory to store information. This makes the phone operation slow, and you will not get enough space to the phone memory to download other apps. Therefore, using Cloud server for storage is an advantage of Tango, and this works really good for those mobiles that have low phone memory space.

Connect with users

Tango and WhatsApp both have similar social media features. WhatsApp has 290 million monthly users, and more people are connecting with it. Tango is a new site with exciting features, but it still needs to get started. Fewer people are connecting with it which turns to be a major downfall for Tango. Moreover, WhatsApp supports 17 languages and therefore it has made connecting with friends and family easier.

Voice Chat

Tango offers the option of free voice chat, and people are giving a good response to this. This gives you a feel for talking over the phone. You can register in Tango with Facebook account that indicates you can easily invite your Facebook friends in Tango and start chatting with them.

WhatsApp Voice Update

There are no other processes to follow, and information can easily be transferred to Tango from Facebook. You can also hide yourself from chat while you are online. On the other hand, in WhatsApp you cannot hide yourself while you are online, and it even shows the last logged in time.

Export of data

In WhatsApp, users will get the option of transferring data from your app to an email account. Therefore, if you need to export any data, you can easily do it from WhatsApp. This feature proves extremely helpful while sending any business related messages. While in Tango, you can cut and paste messages or information but cannot export. This is a major backlog of Tango.

Therefore, both Tango and WhatsApp offer almost similar services, and these two apps are quite popular in the market. Tango is more a social media site where you can easily connect with your Facebook account.

On the other, WhatsApp has more registered users that make it is a clear winner between WhatsApp and Tango. These apps, Tango, and WhatsApp, are free to download. You can download this app from Google play store and install it on your phone. Once the installation is done, you will get to see the contacts if you’re already using these apps. Invite people to connect with you on their apps and start chatting with them.