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This year, Apple won’t release the iPhone 7, but instead, the “s” model will come with small improvements in terms of hardware. In September, we should be taking better quality photos with the new rear camera, we’ll notice that the processor will be much faster and there will be a new color for the casing.

Below, we’ll tell you more about this upcoming device, which promises to be a flagship.

iPhone 6S

Clock is ticking and we’re approaching the launch of the new iPhone 6S, which will be an upgraded version of the iPhone 6. This means that on the outside, most likely it will be identical, and a while ago, a source gave Engadget Japan some details regarding the phone’s dimensions, which are expected to be 138x67x7.1mm.

As for the display, it’s rumored to be OLED, replacing the LCD technology, because this one proved to be more efficient on the Apple Watch.

Besides, the screen resolution will be finally increased to Full HD and underneath, it will be implemented the Force Touch technology, which detects the force of a tap or press and reacts accordingly.

The camera will be finally upgraded, as the resolution will be 12MP and will have 4K video recording support – which was added by Samsung in 2014. The front camera will have a higher resolution as well, most likely 1.8-2MP, and we heard some rumors saying that there will placed a LED flash for better looking selfies when they’re taken at night.

Nexus 5 (2015), iPhone 6S, Apple

The new chipset will be A9, which will be backed by 2GB of RAM, to perform admirable when iOS 9 will come with the split-screen feature,

I still think at least one, if not both, of the new models will have 2 GB of memory to assist with the split-screen and multitasking features Apple is introducing in iOS 9. We are hoping to see a battery with a higher capacity, because the current one has a mediocre life.