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Google has just revamped Hangouts 4.0 for Android in the latest update, giving this application an enhanced social experience and a look that is rather cleaner and sleeker.

What’s new?

The new Material Design concept by Google is what dominates the latest design, something that can be told by a mere look at the app’s interface. Quite a number of changes have been brought by this new app, and the most notable one is the introduction of a new compose button to ease the process of starting a conversation.

Google Hangouts

The button floats atop of the Hangouts interface, and when you tap on it, you will be able to start a chat instantly by selecting any of your recent chats or start a new conversation. The list of contacts has been refurbished such that it is now much easier to find any contact. Also, the latest update has made things as far as adding and sharing attachments, emojis, GIFs and multiple photos very easy.

Smooth transitions and faster performance

Google Hangouts is without doubt undergoing transformations. Many updates have been coming its way in a bid to pull it closer to what WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber are. Even though this process seems to be taking long, the results are amazing.

The latest app comes with some of the smoothest transitions between fluids than any other messaging app. Looking at the app will make your eyes feel at ease. Furthermore, the developers have included some performance fixes in this new version that ensure the app’s execution of commands is extremely fast. There are no more bugs, and almost all old issues have been taken care of and as a result, delivery of messages in this new Hangouts 4.0 for Android is fast and a lot better than in version 3.0.

Google also revealed that the issues of battery consumption that have been troubling the previous version of Hangouts will no longer be felt in this new v4.0. Users will now enjoy more battery life and more chatting using Hangouts 4.0 on their Android devices.

Other updates in Google Hangouts 4.0

Other than the updates mentioned above, Hangouts 4.0 also comes with a lot more additions to the Android platform. Users can now enjoy previewed messages right from the bottom of the screen. Also, it is now much easier to search for a contact than with the previous case.


Once you update to this new version, you will be able to include ID when making Hangouts calls. It is also possible to take care of group chats using voice. Those using Android wear have nothing to worry about since this update also comes to this platform where they can send messages directly from these devices. Furthermore, it is possible to send Hangouts messages from an Android Wear using Google Now.

If you are an avid user of iMessage, you will notice a similarity between the chat screen in hangouts 4.0 and this iOS messaging app. The text bubbles are round, however, the color scheme is different where received texts are in green and sent messages are in white. At the bottom of the message, you will notice a new menu bar in place of the paperclip button and in this way, attaching media is very easy.

If you have not received this update on your Android phone, tablet or watch, make sure you head to the Google Play Store for the latest Hangouts 4.0 free download.