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If you are one of the founding users of Google Earth, you will know about the initial $399 yearly fees that users had to pay before they could access this app and benefit from it on their devices.

However, in January 2015, this mapping app was given a new phase that users all over the world found to be the best news ever. Google announced that the yearly fee had been waived off and that, Google Earth in its new form Google Earth Pro could be downloaded and installed on devices and used for free all over the world.

However, you will need to agree and download the app because installation of the app can be possible.

How Google Earth All Began

Google Earth was introduced to the world some 14 years ago. However, new features were added to make it work better, and it was then re-released for users who wanted to use it personally.

google-earth (10)

Also, it was designed this time around to be compatible with different operating systems. It didn’t end after 2005 however, because in the year 2005, a web or online browser plug-in was released and a mobile app for Android and iOS which made it very easy for download via their virtual stores. Even now, they can be downloaded and installed in these stores.

When Google Earth Pro Came In

Google Earth Pro was introduced as an upgrade to Google Earth. It came with additional features; however it was available at a yearly cost of $399 and it was bought and used by corporate men and women.

So, travelers who wanted additional information about specific places they want to visit were able to use it. However, since it became free downloads and installations of the app has tripled all over the world. Also, the new friendly features that the premium version provided users have made the app appreciated by all.

Google Earth 3D

For instance, GIS data can be imported into this version of the app, has advanced printing modules, and radius as well as area measurements. It was designed to work perfectly for all operating devices. With its free feature, you can experience what many paid users have experienced over the year. With Google Earth Pro, users will have fun having 3D measurements of buildings, and this will help users measure the height of construction.

Also, if you do not plan to travel all around the world this app will make it easy for you to visit places that you will never see in person, all you will have to do is to search. With Google Earth Pro, you will have the feeling that you are there in person, and this will make you very happy.