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Finally, WhatsApp arrived on iPhone, letting its users send messages from their devices or desktop computers.

Almost a year ago, the same feature was launched for Android users in January 2014, but at that time, it did not appear to iOS users due to the company’s concern about privacy. This feature allows people to send and receive messages via WhatsApp.

However, Skype is rolling out its new version for iPhone users. According to the reports, in this new version of WhatsApp, the voice calling feature has been refined so that users get a better experience. This improved voice calling feature of WhatsApp has around seven hundred million registered users thus making this app one of the popular and most downloaded messaging app across the globe.

WhatsApp On iOS and Android Allows You To Send Bold And Italic Text

This new feature of WhatsApp has given tough competition to some popular messaging apps like Skype, WeChat, and Viber, which offer almost similar features like WhatsApp. In such a competitive market, WhatsApp has successfully established itself as one of the leading instant messaging app keeping aside all other messaging apps. The voice calling feature of this app has given it immense popularity and worldwide acceptance.

The voice calling feature of WhatsApp has offered its users the ability to make voice calls at free of cost from any place in the world. To enable this feature in WhatsApp, you just need a trusted internet connection rather than your mobile phone’s voice minutes plan. However, WhatsApp has also marked that users cannot avail the voice calling feature immediately because it will be rolling out slowly in the next three to five weeks.

Review on WhatsApp latest version for iPhones

On the basis of reports of few users, this new version of WhatsApp has just arrived on their iPhones featuring a similar service like Android where a user is notified by a message telling him or her to avail the voice calling option.

Launch of WhatsApp for iOS users

Facebook held a conference for its F8 developers on March 19. During this event, the co-founder of WhatsApp, Brian Action proclaimed that the calling feature of WhatsApp is going to arrive soon for the iOS version. This news came as a surprise to the iPhone users. They were eagerly waiting for the launch of this app.

Possible New Features In WhatsApp For iOS

How to use WhatsApp voice calling on iPhones?

With the launch of voice calling feature for iOS, the iPhone users are very much excited to download this app on their devices. To enable this feature, the below-mentioned steps should be performed to download and install this app on their iOS devices. Let’s have a look at these features:

  • Download Appsyn on the device
  • Download the recent version of WhatsApp Beta
  • Users need to add via Cydia sources
  • Download and install WhatsApp call enabler and make sure that it is configured properly in the settings
  • After enabling this feature, a user can receive WhatsApp call from another user.
  • Once a user receives a WhatsApp call from another user, the device needs to be restarted. However, it is important for the users to keep in mind that this voice calling feature is completely different from voice message.

Difference between Voice calling and Voice message

For sending a voice message, a user needs to tap and hold the microphone icon featuring on the user interface of WhatsApp. On the other hand, to make a voice call, one needs to go to the contact list of WhatsApp, choose a contact and tap on it to call that person. According to the reports, this voice calling feature of WhatsApp has given a tough competition to popular messaging app Skype.