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Given the fact that WhatsApp Web Client for iPhone is out and about, it’s no wonder that this experience might prove to be a challenge for some users.

So, if you want to know how to use WhatAspp Web Client on your Mac or PC, check out this tutorial.

WhatsApp Web for iPhone

Important: WhatsApp Web is accessible via web browsers and desktop platforms such as Linux, Mac and so on. Make sure you have the newest WhatsApp variant set-up on your iPhone device before you begin. You must have a browser installed on your PC/Mac as well.

Installing WhatsApp Web Client with iPhone:

  • Start by launching WhatsApp on your iPhone device, and click Settings tab.
  • Go ahead and click WhatsApp Web. This action should launch a QR code.
  • Go to WhatsApp’s official site and this should take you to the WhatsApp Web page. Now use the scanner on your iPhone and scan the code you’ve received.
  • When the QR has been scanned, the Web Client will allow you to sign in.
  • Once you are in the WhatsAppp UI, you can start using its functionalities.

Can I be warned/notified if I am not following a certain conversion if my handset isn’t close by? This is a question that troubles a lot of users, which is why down below you will find the solution.

WhatsApp Web Client comes with a neat feature that will allow you to receive desktop tip-offs.

whatsapp-web (1)

Activate Desktop Tip-offs

  • The first time you login to WhatsApp Web you should notice a blue banner (under WhatsApp profile image). Right there simply tap the Turn on desktop notifications.
  • You will then be asked to allow the web browser to be in charge of the future notices that come your way and tip you off. Of course, click on the Allow
  • Now that these warnings have been activated, tap the menu knob and choose Notifications (see drop down menu)
  • You can activate & deactivate Desktop Alerts however you wish. If you do not like the audio warning for instance, simply hit the deactivate knob to get rid of them.