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Simple Text Messaging (SMS) is ruling the world of technology for a decade and seeing its growth it is believed that this rule is not going to end soon.

With the launch of WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Skype, people have now entered into a new world of messaging where they can send text messages, share photos and files with people located in different parts of the world via these text messaging apps.

WhatsApp Vs Viber — which offers a better service?

Both Viber and WhatsApp are popular instant messaging apps that allow users to send texts, images and videos to your contacts located in different parts of the world. According to a report, it has been observed that WhatsApp has a monthly active user base of 800 million, whereas Viber has a user base of 500 million.


Both the apps offer almost the same features to their users. However, the voice calling feature of Viber has got wide popularity for its excellent voice quality. On the other hand, WhatsApp voice calling feature is only available for Android users and the developers are working on it to fix the bugs of this app such as call lags that are reported from the user’s end.

In WhatsApp, you can add maximum 30 members in a group chat whereas Viber allows a group chat with 39 members. In both these apps, you can send emojis to express your feelings in an innovative way.

Since both the apps have some advantages and disadvantages, it is hard to make a selection between the two. Here, you will get a detailed comparison of the apps based on their performance and usability.


WhatsApp is popularly known for its lightweight, simple user interface and fast service. It does not consider popup advertisements and clutter the app with too many options. The UI looks simple even after launching the voice calling feature. In fact, in WhatsApp new interface, you can see only three tabs — one for calls and the other two for chat and contacts respectively.

On the other hand, Viber offers several other value added service along with voice calling and instant messaging services, and, therefore, its UI gets a sophisticated look. This app provides a huge range of emojis or stickers that attract young users.

Ease of use

In this field, Viber is the clear winner as it can be used autonomously on almost all platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry and desktop computers. On the other hand, WhatsApp supports only some major mobile platforms such as Android and Windows. This feature has not been introduced for the iOS users yet.

Voice calling quality

After testing the voice calling feature of WhatsApp on different platforms, the quality is acceptable. However, some bugs have been notified in this feature while testing this app on 2G and 3G networks. To fix these bugs, the makers of WhatsApp are working on it.

Viber Video Calls

Whereas, Viber has introduced its voice calling and video calling feature long before WhatsApp and therefore, it possess longer experience than other messaging apps. The expertise has helped Viber to get extra points in terms of voice calling quality. Viber offer HD-quality calls on almost all mobile devices so that users get a better experience with it. This messaging also offers a feature to its users that allow them to contact with non-Viber users.

Therefore, a close fight is going on between WhatsApp and Viber messaging apps. However, Viber has taken the upper hand on WhatsApp in terms of voice calling feature, still, WhatsApp gets more popularity, and more people use this app over other messaging apps.