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It is important not to notice that Google has always endeavored to improve user experience (UX) with all the products that it keeps releasing.

Google Maps is one such product from the most dominant search engine in the world and a global tech giant whose features guarantee excellent user experience. With the many new updates that it keeps releasing, it is no wonder that this leading navigation app has made different tasks easier for users.

The updates from Google Maps that have made the app more user-friendly and enhanced user experience could be from the tech giant’s acquisition of Waze. For example, the app is now able to inform users of the presence of traffic jams along the way. With the new updates, users will have information regarding recommended alternative routes in case the ones they like using struggle with jams or are impassable for any reason.

Google Maps vs. Google Earth

The updated version of Google Maps that guarantees a better user experience will no longer be good only at helping users find their way to a specific destination. The newer version will now provide users with details concerning their preferred routes.

All the details you need to decide whether your preferred choice of route at any given moment is a good decision or not will now be available through the updated version of the navigation app that seeks to improve UX.

The two main upgrades that Google has performed on Google Maps are:

  • Smart Traffic Alerts

With this new feature, users will now not only have information regarding the presence of traffic jams along their preferred routes, but also the causes of the gridlock. Moreover, users will be able to identify the alternative routes to their chosen destination with the help of the navigation app in case they cannot come up with such solutions. The new app allows users to know the time that the traffic jams will take to clear.

  • Fast, Seamless Updates

The information that the updated version of Google Maps provides – which enhances user experience will give users all the tools they need to decide on a change of route. What this means is that the navigation app is now much better than it has ever been. The reliability of the new app is beyond questioning as well. Traveling – including commuting to and from work – will now be much easier and free of stress because of the new updated version.

waze-google-maps (1)

The fact that Google Maps has become a crucial app for daily living is one of the reasons that it keeps going through all these changes to ensure that the user gets the best experience. The updates now make the app able to provide users with real-time updates thus guiding them along their way better. The reliability of this app is what enabled it to last longer than what people initially imagined upon its release.

Therefore, to enjoy a more enhanced user experience from Google Maps, it would be great to download and install it from the Google Play Store today. The many features that it has, which it never had in the beginning, will provide you with the best user experience you ever imagined to get from a navigation app.

Although the app comes pre-installed on all Google-based devices, you need to get the latest version to have the best UX ever.