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Viber instant messaging app was introduced in the year 2010.

However, this introduction was only for the Apple or iPhone users. This app was developed and launched as a competitor to Skype, which was by then dominating and had taken over the market where VoIP calls and other services were concerned. After some months, the versions of the Android devices were also made available as well as the other devices.

There is no doubt there are many instant messaging apps available in the market today. However, Viber stands to be one of the most unique instant messaging and voice over IP apps that can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices and other devices.


Voice over Internet Protocol service has become the new way people can talk to their loved ones and friends, even business partners. All you need is the right amount of data on your Smartphone and Wi-Fi connection and you will be able to make free calls to relatives, loves ones and business partners easily.

What Makes Viber the Best Choice?

Today, everyone wants to save money due to the rate at which the economy is going bad. This is why it is very difficult for people to make voice to voice calls with their mobile numbers to other mobile services, especially when the calls are made from different country locations. This is where Viber and other IM chatting and voice call apps come in. These apps make it very easy for you to make free calls and send free messaging to anyone on your Viber list for free.

Sending Picture Messages via Viber

If you have always wanted a system where you could send instant messages to a loved one with pictures and even videos, Viber is here for you. You can send both video and audio messages to your loved ones. When you do, it becomes very easy for you to communicate with your loved ones on the level in which they will understand.

Viber, Viber 5, App

Apart from Smartphones, Viber works perfectly on PCs. However, a user needs to download the application onto a mobile device before they make use of the system on a normal desktop PC. No matter the operating system you use, Viber is compatible. So, there is nothing to worry about where restrictions are concerned.

What is Viber Out?

If you have heard of Viber Out, you will be wondering what it is. Well, in December, 2013 Viber launched a new feature on the app which made it possible for calls to be made to numbers that were not registered or signed up to the Viber community. This was and is still termed as ‘Viber Out’.