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Telltale Games is the developer of the upcoming “Minecraft: Story Mode” and it’s without any doubts one of the top companies when it comes to creating narratives for games. In Minecraft: Story Mode, Telltale Games will bring the story of Jesse and his friends, who will need to find the “Order” and save the video game universe.

Telltale Games revealed, during an interview with “The Verge”, that each character in the game will come with a different personality and background. The “Minecraft: Story Mode” will also follow the previous titles that Telltale Games have released, such as the: “Game of Thrones” or “The Walking Dead”. With other words, you will make decisions in this game and your choices will influence the story.

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Job Stauffer, the director of creative communications at Telltale Games, said that they know what it’s like to craft, to build, to hunt, to survive and, of course, how to play with friends, but if you add a story to the background, you will make this game even more interesting than before.

The people that will attend the PAX Prime event will have a chance to play the beta version of the upcoming “Minecraft: Story Mode”. The Telltale Games developer will be present at this gaming event, which will be held in Seattle, in August, between 28 and 31.

This was confirmed by TellTale Games on their official website, where they said that this will be the first time when anyone outside the Mojang and Telltale staff will be able to play a part of the season premiere of the “Minecraft: Story Mode”.

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It seems that this is going to be the first time when we will see an actual gameplay of the upcoming “Minecraft: Story Mode”, because during the “Minecon” event, the developers have released only an initial trailer about it.

It is good to know that the ones who will attend the PAX Prime event and will play the “Minecraft: Story Mode” BETA, will also receive a shirt with this awesome upcoming game. There will be four different designs for this shirt but, unfortunately, the supplies will be limited.

Here is the trailer of the upcoming “Minecraft: Story Mode”: