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Viber, the Internet company, has launched Viber international call service very recently.

This feature allows more than 150 million registered users are making international calls at low cost to landline number and mobile from anywhere in the world. The announcement of this new service has brought a storm among Android, iOS and desktop computer users. Viber says this feature will soon be available for Windows Phone users.

Feature of Viber international call service

This particular feature of Viber is quite similar to Skype calling service where the users can buy credit through in-app purchase for Android and iOS devices. On the other hand, desktop users can buy credit via using a credit card. The prices of credits or the international calls are considerably lower than mobile operating companies. However, the rates of credit vary from one country to another for making calls on landline and mobile.

Viber, Viber 5, App

There are a huge number of VoIP calling services available in the app world such as Maaii, a Hong-Kong based free calling service and many such similar services. However, Viber owns a couple of nice touch features and this sets it apart from other messaging app services. By downloading this app on the device, the person to whom you are calling can spot your number before receiving your call. The app also includes your phone’s address book through which you can search contacts easily.

With the launch of this new service, Viber has offered a unique way of using it to its millions of users and ensured that users can contact any person at any place and at any point of time. The makers of this app confirm that they continue to develop this app so that their users can connect with their loved ones at the most reasonable rates.

This feature of Viber is the second monetization update that has been launched a few months back. In October, Viber introduced an update called paid for stickers; however, it did not get that much popularity it now gets with low rate international call feature. This proves to be an effective money spinner for the company.

As it is already said that the features of Viber is almost similar to Skype, still Skype enjoys vast distribution that Viber lacks. However, efforts are continuously made to improve the services of Viber so that it can deliver better user experience.

In addition to this, the new international call feature of Viber has clearly set it apart from Line, WhatsApp, and WeChat along with other popular messaging apps.

How to use Viber for making international calls?

Before you make any international call via Viber, the person you are calling to another country must download this app and install it on his or her mobile. This is the first requisite about which you need to be sure of. Once the installation is done, open the contact list on Viber, select the icon and add the contact to your device. After that, select the person you want to call and then click on free call button.


Benefits of using Viber

Viber is a free calling and instant messaging app that allows users to stay connected with their loved ones located in any part of the world and gives them the value for money. Therefore, it is time to stop depending on traditional phone calls that not only burn a hole in your pocket but also take away your peace.

It is time to switch to the instant messaging app through which you can make free international calls as well as send text messages. With this app, you can call people in any corner of the world without worrying about cost.