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Android evolution is an ongoing process and is not about to end any moment soon.

This is because of the role that Google Play Store plays in this whole process. In fact, without the Play Store, it is difficult to see why the number of people who purchased Android devices opted for such a decision. This is not to say that without Play Store the Android devices are useless, but just that this app is a major reason for buying this caliber of gadgets.

The number of useful and relevant apps found in the Google Play Store is mind boggling.

Google Play Store 5.12.10, Google Play Store, Android TV

If you are to use the evolutionary features located in this app, you will need to learn a few trips and tips, which include the following:

  • Setting Authentication

If you fail to set up the authentication process on your Android device, do not display shock or surprise upon realizing that your children have brought all manner of items from Google Play Store. Setting the authentication process is not impossible. You only need to go to Menu, and then Settings. Once at the Settings, enable the authentication process for all purchases made or to be made through the Play Store on your device.

  • Setting Parental Lock

Setting the parental lock is one more evolutionary change that Android devices now have. The feature protects the phone against the wiles and plans of your children who play with it all the time. The parental lock ensures that your kids cannot purchase or download apps and products that are not appropriate for their ages. To set this feature, go to Menu, Settings, and Parental Control. Do not forget to toggle the Parental Control feature on.

  • Installing Locally Unavailable Apps

It is possible that you could find apps that are not locally available in your country of residence. With Google Play Store, it is possible to trick the system into believing that you are actually from the country where the app is available. The trick would also work well if you need an app that is expensive in your country of residence but cheaper elsewhere. For this trick to work, you will need the assistance of VPN apps such as Hideninja or Tunnelbear.

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  • Obtaining Refunds

Anytime you buy an app or any product from Google Play Store only to realize that it is not what you wanted, do not fret. You can obtain funds, but only if you ask for the refunds in not more than two hours after making the purchase.

Therefore, you have to use the product within two hours after buying it. To ask for a refund, you only need to open Play Store and select the product for which you need a refund.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see the ways in which Google Play Store has revolutionized the world of Android devices. The many features that Play Store has, which undergo regular updating all the time, have been at the forefront of causing the evolution. For these reasons and more, you should not hesitate to invest in an Android device as it will give you more pleasure from using and offer the best user experience you ever imagined.