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WhatsApp version v2.12.250 has reached Android consumers. The latter update rolls out several brand new features, so keep on reading if you want to know more about them.

Mark you messages as Unread

Now, you can simply use the unread mark for messages, even if you already read them. Just to be on the safe side of things, this element will not show the message pop-up as unread, it will simply pinpoint the messages, so that you can return to them later on. Note: This feature will not alter the lineup of your conversations.

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The notifications can be customized

Android users can now play around with various customized options. If you want to add a funny ringtone to someone in your list, choose whichever song you like from your favorite playlist.

So when you receive a call from that person, you will be able to tell who it is due to your personalized ringtone. Special notification shades can also be set-up as well ass messages ringtones, vibration mode and more.

Mute contacts

Up until now, users could only mute whole group conversations, however with the new v2.12.250 update, users can now mute specific contacts. So go to the About menu where you will see the Mute functionality. Simply slide it to your right and decide which time limit you want to set for the chat: will it be 1 week or maybe 1 year? You decide.

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Low data consumption

WhatsApp has implemented a useful option where Android users can lower data consumption for calls within the app. Look Under Chats and Calls menu (in Settings) and spot the Low Data Usage feature. If you tap on it you will get to save data while engaging in a voice call.

Emojis & new skin tones at your disposal

You definitely have to check out the cool emojis that have been added. You have the Spock greeting, the middle finger gesture and LGBT emojis as well. Plus all of them come in various skin stones.