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If you are one of the more than 600 million people that actively use Viber on a monthly basis, you will agree that this instant messenger is one of the top apps in this business, in addition to being a top brass as far as voice and video calling are concerned.

The rather disappointing thing about Viber’s user base is that it is highly concentrated in Asia. As a result, the company has decided to step up its marketing efforts in other parts of the world, among them the United States of America and the Central and Eastern European region.

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Apparently, there is more focus on the U.S. market than any other region of the world.

Why is Viber focused on U.S. Markets?

According to the latest reports, there is more focus on the U.S. Viber market as the company has realized that there is more solid competition coming in from other apps. Apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger have upped their game and Viber fears that users may jump to these platforms at their expense.

Viber began offering its services in 2010, and there is no doubt that since then, millions have enjoyed using this app. This can easily be evidenced by the massive numbers that follow this app.The owners of the app are not happy with the figures outside Asia and particularly in North America and as a result, they’ve started a vast marketing campaign in this region and it will be spearheaded by one Scott Nelson.

In the recent past, many apps have been developed, and they are based on the limitations and failures of Viber and other already established apps. This has caused many users to start adopting these new communication methods and as a result, the company feels that it is necessary to remind them of the existence of Viber.

Viber is not working alone

The brains behind this app are good enough to know that they cannot thrive without the help of local individuals and organizations that are well-versed with the U.S. market. It is not enough to hire Nelson, but using services of other organizations with vast knowledge of the local market is also an added advantage to the success of this marketing campaign.


Four organizations have partnered with Viber in ensuring that this campaign is a success. Their roles would be to help this messenger rebuild and establish itself as a top or rather major brand in the United States and the entirety of North America. These agencies will be taking care of advertisement, media as well as stuff to do with PR in a bid to promote a brand that is already successful.

The four agencies involved with Viber marketing efforts in the U.S. include Droga5, Laundry Service, Allision+ Partners and Essence.

At the moment, Viber is available in more than 193 countries across the globe.