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Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the original runaway hit mobile game, Temple Run and is a very popular game on mobile devices. It is a great follow-up to the original though most of the features continue to remain the same.

Changes in Path

Users continue to make swiping movements for controlling different actions, such as running, jumping, and turning and for exploring the temple. However, they can do much more than merely making a right angle turn. For instance, the path now has more dips along with rises. It also moves in both the directions, left as well as right, which makes the sequel more interesting when compared to the original.

There are also some changes in the transportation modes. Players can now use zip lines for speeding down through my cart sections. They have to lean either to the left or to the right when riding quickly through the underground rails.


What’s Different?

What is different from the Temple Run original is that the graphics of the game have been upgraded. The visuals look great even as the player navigates his way through the winding paths. The landscape is improved, and hills with curved roads replace angular terrains of the previous game. There are also other additions, such as waterfalls with scenic improvements, bringing in a realistic image when compared to the monotony of the Temple Run original.

The fire hazards appear very realistic, keeping the player on his toes. What’s more, the grinders that rotate bring in more obstacles for sliding under or for jumping over to remain alive.

Unlocking Characters

There are four characters that can be unlocked and each of them has special powers, with separate upgrading paths. As the player runs along his path, he can find different power-ups, in the form of a magnet sucking coins or a shield offering invincibility, so that it automatically runs and turns for the player. The green gems are power-ups that allow players to continue running after dying. However, the cost gets doubled when the player continues, so there is a disadvantage in continuing.

Free Game

The sequel is also a free game, just like the original. However, players can purchase gems with real money. If the player can spend money, he can continue and stay on top of the game.


Excellent Sequel

The game is an interesting and engaging sequel to the original. The graphics have been improved; the obstacles are new and fresh, and the characters along with power-ups are unique. This makes the latest sequel a must for the game fans. The path variation is attractive, and the gameplay is addictive. The original game has more than 170 million of downloads, and the sequel is all set to outdo the preceding game. The new Temple Run 2 already reached 50 million number of downloads within thirteen days, so this seems very plausible.

However, the downside of the sequel is that there are in-app purchases to be made by those ready to spend real money. They can continue to play the game and move on more easily.