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Tech giant Apple introduced iCloud Drive to give users a more easily manageable cloud storage location. It works similar to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.

Older versions of iCloud were able to sync your documents and data only, but now, the latest iCloud Drive provides a type of file system for users. Now users can sync any kind of file they like, and browse through their saved files.

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Apple would like its fans to utilize its devices and gadgets only, but it also acknowledges the huge number of Windows fans and users around the globe. It isn’t at all unusual to use an iPad or an iPhone with a Windows OS, and as being said, iTunes and iCloud services are now available on Windows 10.

One such service is iCloud Photos. Once you’ve got all things set up, this iCloud service or feature is a fairly convenient way of sharing your iPhone or iPad photos with oyur Windows 10 operating system.

Here’s what you have to do: you have to enable and sync iCloud Photos on your Windows 10 computer. Doing this will not only allow you to see pictures from your iPad or iPhone on your computer, but will also allow you to add new ones from your desktop which will be seen on your iOS device.

Step 1: Enable iCloud Photo Library on your iOS device.

Before sharing anything on your Windows 10 PC, you have to make sure that you’ve enabled everything on your iOS device. Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos and then turn on these features: iCloud Photo Library, Upload to My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing.

Step 2: Download, install and set up iCloud on your Windows 10.

After enabling the above mentioned features on your device, you need to make sure that you have downloaded, installed and set up iCloud for Windows.


Step 3:  Enable iCloud Photos on your Windows 10.

Next, you need to enable iCloud Photos in iCloud on your Windows 10 PC. To turn it on, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Start Menu and go to the iCloud folder.
  2. Open the iCloud application.
  • A box will pop up in which you have to tick the box next to Photos.

Step 4: Choose what to sync in Windows 10.

Once you’ve enabled the sync for Photos in the previous step, hit the “Options” button which you will see right next to Photos. This is where you can choose what you wish to sync to your computer. You can choose to sync My Photo Stream, or the iCloud Photo Sharing. Both the options will have a brief explanation of what they do. You can also change the default location of the folder in which the synced photos are saved. Synced photos will be saved in PicturesiCloud Photos. To change this location, simply click on the Change button next to iCloud Photos Location and hit OK.

Step 5: Finally, click on Apply to save all your settings.

The above mentioned steps will leave you in a position where iCloud will sync your photos to your Windows 10 PC. Now, whenever you’ll take a picture on your iDevice, it will automatically show up on your computer under the folder of iCloud Photos.

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