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Nimbuzz always offers a platform to its users through which they can connect to their loved ones.

In an attempt to address the communication needs of the customers, the makers of Nimbuzz are constantly working to add new and innovative features to this application that make interactions convenient and enriching.

To familiarize the users with different offerings from the company, a platform has been created where a series of features of Nimbuzz will be added making it easier to stay connected and updated with it. Recently, it has been observed that Nimbuzz group chat has been widely used in the commercial sector, whether you are planning a family vacation or creating a team for a presentation work. With Nimbuzz group chat, you can do these easily. You can be a part of these discussions on one platform. Not only this, in each group, you can share photos, files and videos among friends and family members. With this app, you can find out any location and links to popular restaurants without feeling the need to call anyone.


With Nimbuzz broad network coverage, you can connect to groups from anywhere in the world. You can add up to 25 members in a group chat that is enough to start a discussion, planning or even holding a virtual party. The intuitive interface and easy to use a feature of this application not only makes group chatting fun-filled but also addictive. Once you join any group in Nimbuzz, you will end up spending hours in it.

Moreover, a wide range of colorful wallpapers allow you to personalize your group from others. It is an easy to use and an extremely fun-filled way to chat with friends and family members. So what are you waiting for? Start a Nimbuzz group chat today.

How to do group chat in Nimbuzz?

Nimbuzz is the ideal platform for web conference through which you can stay connected with your customers and clients. This not only reduces the travel cost but also make the task easy for you. However, when starting a group chat in Nimbuzz, make sure each person you include in the group must be a Nimbuzz user because Nimbuzz supports chatting with only Nimbuzz users featuring in your contact list.

Follow these Steps to Start Nimbuzz Group Chatting

  • Download Nimbuzz from your mobile’s Google play store
  • Once the installation is done, right click on the name of the contact person you want to include in a group chat
  • Select group chat from the drop down menu of Nimbuzz
  • The start Group chat tab will show you contacts appearing in the selected contact list
  • Scroll through the contact list and the select person you want to add in the chat. Click the add button to initiate the group chat


Nimbuzz is a free desktop and mobile application that caters to the requirements of businesses. This application gives users the option to connect with other users on this platform. You can easily start a group chat by following these steps accordingly. However, before initializing a group chat, you should make sure that your mobile plan has sufficient data storage so that you don’t need to exceed the monthly data allotted. Whether you are using desktop or mobile version of this app, the process of starting a group chat is quite easy.

Very recently, this popular messaging platform has introduced Version 3.0 in which you can see several improvements such as group chat and customize wallpapers. In group chat, you can add up to 25 members and invite up to 25 buddies to join the group. With colorful wallpapers, you can customize your group so that it looks different from the rest.