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According to Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, the newest update of this awesome game has been released.

The new Minecraft version comes with many new features and improvements and below we’re going to list some of them:

Minecraft 1.20

  • A new “attack strength” combat mechanic has been added
  • A new recipe for zooming in a map has been added
  • The maps will now start with a more useful zoom level
  • The command blocks have been improved
  • Many optimizations
  • The worsened Zombies’ arms are getting tired now.

As you can see, the new update is focusing more on the gameplay of Minecraft and the new “attack strength” mechanic will surely help the players. Along with the things we’ve mentioned above, the new update will also bring some improvements on the textures of the game, which means that the FPS issues will be fixed.

One week ago, a developer from Mojang named Jens Bergensten wrote on his Twitter account that a Boston movie theater was filled with kids for the Super League Gaming Minecraft tournament. This tournament is held every year, but the location is always changed.

Minecraft 1.21 Update, Minecraft 1.21, Minecraft

Brett Morris, the president of Super League Gaming, said that he got the idea when he was with a group of dads and they were talking about the days when they were playing “Pac-Man” and “Asteroids”. This is the main reason why he created the Super League Gaming Minecraft tournament, which brings a lot of players together.

We remind you that Minecraft is a very popular game out there, with over 100 million registered users and the number keeps increasing. We think that we need more tournaments like this, because the gamers tend to not be social persons and they need these kinds of tournaments to get out of their shell.

Have you attended the Super League Gaming this year? Tell us your impressions about this awesome event!