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WhatsApp for The web is now available for those using iPhones and Mac devices.

What this means is that it is now possible to simultaneously access WhatsApp messages via your iPhone, iPad or even on your Mac desktop without having to go through any hacking processes.

WhatsApp users can now access their messages via Chrome web browser on their PCs and tablets. Here’s how to get WhatsApp working on your Mac or iPad without jailbreaking your iPhone.

WhatsApp Web limitations

The first thing you ought to know is that WhatsApp Web is a web application that requires a web browser to use it. On this matter, this application only supports a number of select web browsers, among them Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Any of these browsers must be installed on your PC or iPad before proceeding with using WhatsApp Web on it.

WhatsApp Web Client iPhone

When WhatsApp Web was first introduced in January, it had no support for iOS devices. The company cited “Apple platform limitations” as the major reason as to why this update was not availed on the iOS platform. However, it seems these two companies – Facebook and Apple – have revolved whatever was hindering the usage of this application on iPhones.

WhatsApp Web iOS support

As noted above, WhatsApp Web was initially available only on Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry and Nokia S40/60 phones. However, this limitation was recently removed, and now WhatsApp for iPhone users can enjoy this app’s services on their PCs.

The new WhatsApp Web support for iOS devices has quietly been added to this platform, something that can be backed by the addition of the ‘iPhone’ among the devices that are supported by this web client on the official WhatsApp Web page. Regardless of this change, the company has yet to make an official announcement regarding the release of this feature.

As of now, not all users of WhatsApp on iPhones can access this web application. This only suggests that the company will be rolling out this update gradually and as such, it will come to you just in case you haven’t noticed it on your iPhone app. You can check it out in the settings of the app and if the update is there, you will see a “WhatsApp Web” option in the menu.

How to use WhatsApp Web on iPad, Mac

It’s very easy to use WhatsApp on your Mac or iPad. Just open Chrome or any of the supported web browsers on your Mac or iPad and point it to A QR code will show up on your screen. The good thing is that there is no need for installing a QR code reader just for the purposes of reading this code.

whatsapp-web (1)

On your iPhone, launch WhatsApp and check out the settings menu. While in there, look for “WhatsApp Web” and tap on it. A QR scanner will show up on your phone’s screen. Point this scanner to your Mac or iPad so that the rear camera can read the QR code. You will be logged into the web client once the scanning is successful.

What’s new?

When WhatsApp Web was first rolled out, there was nothing much that this application offered the then users. However, many improvements have since then followed through and as of this iOS release; users can do quite a lot with this web client.

Unlike in the past, WhatsApp Web for iOS can now be used to send and receive messages, update WhatsApp status, mute chats, and notifications, leave groups, and change their profile pictures.

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