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If you want, publish any news or content in China, WeChat is the best option.

This messaging app with social network has become a focal point in daily life that has gained around 468 monthly active users who share and read content on this platform. However, you must be wondering how does content go viral on the app? Most of WeChat users get two sharing options — one for messaging and the other one for moments which is a stream, unlike Facebook news feed. You can copy and paste a URL, but it will not garner much attention like Facebook’s news feed platform.

The sharing links will show up in a particular format similar to Twitter cards that include a title, brief summary and thumbnail photos to share. If you want to share your thoughts with the world without creating your blog page or website, you can now do that with WeChat’s newly launched app Weitie. To enable this app, use WeChat QR code scanner at the above link and search for account Weitie to access this app. However, you need a WeChat official account to avail this feature.


You can use Wettie for several purposes such as showing off an apartment you are moving, talking about a local store that has scammed you, etc. Besides these, you can tell everyone about your recent vacation or adventure, or you can send out information to your friends and family members about your upcoming holiday parties.

The makers of Wettie are the same creators that made strikingly, a U.S based website developing the tool. With around 250 million users, the mobile text and messaging application supports video call, voice call, text messaging, photo and location sharing, finding new people, group messages, broadcasting messages and many more. For all these features, many marketers have considered it a unique way to keep their customers engaged with their brands.

Using WeChat for businesses

People can follow a brand by becoming a member of the brand’s WeChat network to share WeChat account or scanning brand’s QR code. The confirmed account of a brand gets the permission to post rich promotional content that includes videos, photos, and audio messages to the followers of WeChat stream. High-quality content is the key to getting the attention of audiences. Therefore, post informative content through this social media platform and reach out to your target customers.

Wechat membership function to turn followers

The membership function of WeChat allows you to transform your followers into members. The main aim of this function is to organize loyalty programs where users use their geographical membership to get connected with the members. The membership contains a WeChat ID and phone number. It enables brands to adapt promotional content and show up sales activities to a particular section of customers.

There are mainly three ways to use WeChat in your brand marketing

  • Virtually issuing a VIP card
  • Sending promotional notifications
  • Distributing e-coupons

WeChat, Viber, Messenger

Through these effective ways, you can easily convert followers into members. While featuring the brand’s QR code, always give them cause to scan the QR code of your product. A few enticements are sales promotion, lucky draw, discount coupons or free Wi-Fi passcodes that always help you to attract the attention of customers.

WeChat allows creating mini websites

Apart from conventional chat options, WeChat allows brands to create a website to provide branding experience among its customers. The website can be alienated into two separate sections fulfilling two marketing purposes. This feature helps you to manage effectively your customers or fans.

Therefore, WeChat is an effective platform for marketing where brands can easily target their customers and categorize them on the basis of their age and gender.

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