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If you own an Android device, then you should know that the official store for this operating system is the Google Play. This application comes pre-installed on some devices, while on others the users will need to manually install it.

Today we’re going to tell you about a modified Google Play Store that comes with additional features to the original Android store.

Google Play Store Update

We remind you that the Google Play Store stores houses over 450.000 applications, thousands of movies and millions of books and songs. With other words, it is essential to have this application installed on your Android device.

Google Play Store 5.8.11 by ChelpuS: What’s new?

  • Ability to use Google LVL protected applications;
  • A new lucky patcher has been added, which means that manually patching is no longer needed;
  • Self updated has been disabled;
  • The refund button has been reworked;
  • The identified bugs have been fixed;
  • Paid applications can’t be downloaded for free;
  • Offline verification;
  • Billing and license verification to proxy doesn’t work.

Installing Google Play Store 5.8.11 by ChelpuS

First of all, you will need to download the Google Play Store 5.8.11 by ChelpuS APK from the internet. You can find this APK file by doing a simple search on Google. After downloading the Google Play Store 5.8.11 on your Android device, you will need to enable an option called “Unknown Sources”.

Google-Play-Store (4)

Keep in mind that without this option enabled, you will not be able to install any APK file that you download from the internet. Depending on the Android OS version that your mobile device is running, you will find this option in Settings->Applications or Settings->Security.

HINT: To enable the “Unknown Sources” option, you will just need to check the box that’s located on the left side of it.

Once this option is enabled, you will just need to go to the location where you’ve saved the Google Play Store by ChelpuS APK file and tap on it to start the installation process.

Have you used this “unofficial” Google Play Store yet? Tell us your thoughts about it!

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