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Google has launched a website for hangout 4.0 very recently.

It offers everything that you expect right from a messaging app on desktop computers. With this new version, you can do group chat, video call, voice call, instant messaging conversation, photo/file sharing and much more. The new website has also adopted the style of popular web app messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Viber etc.

About the Website:

The appearance of the hangout website looks really nice. The site includes beautiful backdrop images that change after every few seconds. On the left side of the site, you will get a navigation section that allows you to switch between ongoing conversations, a list of contact numbers as well as Chat contacts.


In the main part of the website you will observe three big buttons featuring a video hangout with Google+ contacts, a phone call and text messaging.

New features of Google Hangout

The new version of Google hangout 4.0 has brought a number of features that include location sharing, animated emojis, timestamps, video filters and stickers. If you have not downloaded this new version of Hangout, you can check it out at Google play store to download it manually.

One of the biggest new additions to Hangout 4.0 is smart suggestion that incorporates location sharing through using keywords. This feature detects where you are. When you are trying to meet up your friends physically they can also trace your current location; Hangout can now understand what you need and offers you help so that you can share your location in the conversation without the need to hunt around in a map. This feature has been tested by the makers of this app and they have confirmed that it really works well.

However, the last seen timestamp has not been updated yet. According to Google, it will soon roll out over the weeks to cater to the needs of the people. Similarly, hangout for iOS is yet to receive the update and it is hoped to get in few weeks. If you are an Android user, you must have got the features that are included in this new version. You can now get a wide range of animation which pops up when certain keywords are used. These are as follows: Woohoo, hahaha, hehehe, Rofl, Happy Birthday etc. this feature works on the chrome extension.

Reloading this hangout on Chrome app, you can now see the phone tab on mobile screen so that you can call your phone contacts, add credit, view call rates and much more. If you have a Google voice number, you can send SMSs to your contacts from your mobile.

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A sticker speaks a thousand words. From pirates to penguins, 16 new packs of stickers have been added to this new version of hangout which opens tons of new ways to express what’s on your mind.  Similarly, video and voice calls have got an extra flair with video filters such as vignette, black and white, sepia and more. You can just swipe during a video call to try these new filters or styles. In video calls, you need to confirm your phone number so that your friends who already have four digits can more easily find you and send you a hangout message.

In this new hangout version 4.0, you can now trace when your friends are ready to chat now with last seen time stamps so that you never need to type ‘are you there?’

Therefore, to avail all these features of Google hangouts, you must take a look at its website and download this app from the Google play store. Once the installation is done, you will get a new hangout on your device with more attractive features.

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