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Google Earth Pro mobile app is updated from time to time and some new features are added to improve its usage for the users.

With the new features, you can expect the very best from this app, in locating every destination on earth. This app can be used by those who love to explore land, space, mountains, and sea. All of these explorations can be done right from the comfort of your home. The app has some amazing sets of features that will make sure you get the best results when you search for the locations you need views of.


So, if you are ready to explore the world from the comfort of your home, then you should check out your device and find Google Earth Pro. You can update your current version and start to use it for free. Although the users had to pay a huge sum of money some years ago during the time of Google Earth, things are not the same with Google Earth Pro. Yes, downloading and installing Google Earth Pro from Google Play Store is free of charge.

It is time for you to take very close looks at objects all around the world when you have nothing to do. There are many famous sites and tourist sites that you might never be able to visit all your life. With the free Google Earth Pro, you can take very close looks at these tourist sites and have a feel of what they have to offer. With this app, you can walk in-between and all around these tourist sites and have a feel of them even when you are not there.

Installing Google Earth Pro for Free Doesn’t End There

With new updates being created to make the Google Earth Pro a more usable and beneficial app for all users, you need to benefit from these updates. Do not be like the users who are only interested in installing the app on their device when it is convenient for them and feel the app will show them locations on its own.

Use Google Earth Pro Version For Free - Best Tips and Tweaks

Well, that is not how the app works. You need to search for locations through its search feature and you will be shown those locations.

Bottom Line

With the yearly charge of $400 waived off by Google, using Google Earth Pro has gained immense popularity. Whether you are just a student who wants to find out more about some historical buildings and sites or a business person ready to present a proposal, but needs to find out about specific landmarks to make the proposal complete; Google Earth Pro will be of immense benefits to you.

Features like the Draw Path, Draw Polygon, etc and other 3D measurement features will make you feel like you are physically at the location.