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Tango is another instant messaging app that has recently launched an app for e-commerce shopping.

This app is called Tango shop that has taken a page out of WeChat’s playbook. This app has been initially available in the United States. Later, it has been accepted by the people across the globe. The app Tango shop has been powered by two giant retailers, namely Walmart and Alibaba. The Tango shop has featured a wide variety of items from both these shopping retailers such that users can purchase items without leaving the conversation on the app. Payment and logistic departments have been handled by two retail partners.

With this exciting feature, the instant messaging app Tango has got a momentum and therefore, it emerged as a major platform in the mobile eco-system. According to a report of 2015, more than 600 million users are using this application to the mobile instant messaging option. Every user spends around 7.6 hours monthly. Accordingly, with mobile shop feature, the application has achieved early success in Asian countries giving a tough competition to popular messaging apps like WeChat and Line.


However, this e-commerce based mobile messaging platform is yet to get popularity in the United States where the high utility of iMessage and SMS has made it harder to build a mainstream audience on the online platform. Still, if Snapchat can get success through pushing original contents, messaging feature based e-commerce app will certainly get a response in the U.S market sooner than later.

This new application Tango shop performs as a tab within the app that features a curated list of products from major retailers — Walmart and Alibaba. Tango has signed a revenue sharing agreement with these companies.

Features and Uses of Tango

While using Tango shop, users will see a list of products selected by tango editors. Besides this, they can also search for items from the retailers shop. The curated list is prepared to keep in mind the customer’s previous preferences and choice along with season-specific goods and products. This statement has been made by Tango VP Chi-Chao Chang. He also said that their main aim behind developing this app is to transform people’s idea into reality. For example, on mother’s day, you may call your brother talk about Mother’s day gifts. Tango tries to make it simple by turning the conversation into an actual purchase.

Developing this application has set Tango apart from other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc. the success of Tango app has compelled these apps to include shopping features in their applications. They have made it, but these companies has created payment systems that let users pay to each other rather than offering buying option to users like Tango.


Tango makers have explained that people don’t wake up thinking about what they are going to pay. Rather, they think with whom they are going to talk or buying something for them or someone else. Adding shopping feature to the messaging app is not something that you have not heard before.

However, the actual difference lies here is this popular messaging app offers different services beyond just offering the messing option to users. It has established a new trend that has been emulated by other messaging apps as well.

Very recently, Facebook has rolled out its messenger platform that let people track packages of specific retailers. It is hoped that launching a shopping app like Tango may be their next attempt.