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The users of WhatsApp for Windows Phone have every reason to be happy as the developers of this application have rolled out a new version 2.12.112 with the latest features on board.

This application is now available for free download via the Windows Store and with it there comes a major update for the millions who use this platform. Users will also come across a plethora of customization options, all of which are aimed at improving the messaging experience of this app.

Major updates in WhatsApp 2.12.112 for Windows Phone

WhatsApp developers are really working hard to ensure that the users of Windows Phone also get a taste of what the Android and iOS users are enjoying. While many of these updates have already been rolled out to these two platforms, they will be coming as new additions to the millions who use this Microsoft mobile operating system.

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The latest application comes with major updates to this platform, among them the ability to mark chats as unread or read, such that you can get to them at a later period. This feature can be very helpful when you want to get a clear insight of a message you opened up when in a hurry as you can mark it as unread and later on open it to read it more deeply and keenly.

Another update you will find on the latest WhatsApp 2.12.112 for Windows Phone is a collection of new emojis. The colored emoticons have been introduced in this new version of WhatsApp. To change the color of an emoticon, just tap and hold on it and you will be able to pick from the colors available. This feature has long been available for the iOS and Android users.

If you update to the latest version of WhatsApp on your Windows Phone, you will be able to select multiple messages in a single chat and delete or forward them once. WhatsApp for Windows Phone also allows the users to add and edit contacts directly from a received contact card. You can also send a quick message to this contact directly from WhatsApp.

Custom ringtones, notifications and more options

WhatsApp for Windows Phone has also added another major update to this new version. Users can now make use of custom ringtones for all of their WhatsApp calls. If you use WhatsApp voice calling, you can easily assign each contact a different ringtone.


In addition to setting custom ringtones, WhatsApp 2.12.112 for Windows Phone also allows the users to enable or disable sound and vibrations from incoming notifications. In this manner, you can stay free from annoying sounds from group chats and other messages. There have been past issues with respect to battery life.

However, the change log of this new version does not talk about any improvements in this aspect. Nonetheless, there are some considerable improvements in some Lumia devices, but more can be done to get additional battery life.

If you have not updated to the latest version of WhatsApp 2.12.112 on your Windows Phone smartphone, you’d better do that now by visiting the official Windows Store.