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Viber, a top instant messaging and free calling app, has rolled out a new game for its gaming department.

This application is among the few that have begun diversifying their services just so as to stay afloat in the highly competitive market.

Now, the lovers of Viber Games have something to new to brag about. There is a new Wonderball game that has been added to this platform. The developers behind the game call themselves Moon Active and it was launched earlier this year. Moon Active is not the only company that is partnering with Viber to provide games to the more than 550 million people who use this application.

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Nonetheless, the motive of this messaging app is purely to provide the users with unique gaming experiences in addition to making some real cash. Wonderball is the latest addition to the many Viber Games that are currently available to the users of this app.

How Wonderball Viber game works

Wonderball is a pinball-style puzzle game where the players are invited to join a bouncy trip to Wonderland. There is a flurry of Viber furry friends that include Freddie, Rocco, Eve and Legcat and alongside these friends, payers will be bouncing through a plethora of levels where they can unlock a wide variety of exciting worlds.


The good thing about Viber Games is that it lets the players connect with others via the application, send them gifts, share their scores and brag about their levels of play. You will love the natural mobile gaming environment this game offers, as you can easily swipe to aim or tap to shoot. Wonderball is a very simple Viber game, but it is also very challenging.

As more and more apps keep forging into the social gaming department, there is a need for the gaming portfolio of each app to be stepped up. This is just a move by the company to ensure that their Games’ collection is appealing to the whole world and not just a section of users.