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Are you bored with WhatsApp?

Do you use an Android smartphone? Well, there are plenty of other WhatsApp alternatives out there than can be installed on your Android smartphone without any hassles.

The fact that WhatsApp has to be paid for during the second and subsequent years of usage is disturbing. After using the app for free for the first one year, all users must begin parting with $0.99 per year. Even though this is an awesome instant messaging app, there are plenty of others out there with far much better features and services, yet they are free of any charge.

If this revelation means anything to you, it is the time you started thinking of an alternative way of keeping in touch with friends unless you have no problem with making annual payments for using this application. In essence, the top 5 WhatsApp alternatives listed in this article have almost the same functions as WhatsApp, but you will find others more interesting than this Facebook-owned application.

Viber free calling

As the name suggests, the Viber free calling app offers free voice and video calling services on top of the common instant messaging services on offer. You only need a phone number to create an account, and the rest is magic.

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The app will scan your address book and add all numbers that are connected to Viber so that you can easily chat with them for free. As you may have noticed, Viber offers free video calling. Also, you can call non-users of the app via Viber Out as well as play games via Viber Games.

LINE Messenger

LINE is another very popular instant messaging app that is giving WhatsApp a run for its money. Just like Viber and WhatsApp, LINE Messenger only requires your phone number to create an account for you. After this, the app will also scan your phonebook to see if there is any contact with a LINE account.


Unlike WhatsApp, you will get free voice and video calling services with LINE. This instant messaging app goes beyond the messaging and calling scope to offer users with other services such as games, stickers and other business-oriented services.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a member of the Facebook family at large. Regardless of whether you are using iOS or Android, this application can be used to send messages as well as make voice and video calls to users of the app. The app requires that one be a holder of a Facebook account, however, the app recently added an ability to sign up for an account using a phone number and thus eliminating the limitation of having a Facebook account.This means that users can still keep in touch with those without a Facebook account.

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There are more features to this application, among them games, Facebook Messenger payment service and B2B communication services for businesses.


There is no difference between setting up a KakaoTalk account and setting up a WhatsApp account. Both apps use a phone number, and each account must be verified using a code. The app will similarly scan through your phone book and add the numbers that are registered to KakaoTalk to its contacts list. Users can still chat in private as well as create groups where they can share texts, videos, photos as well as the calendar.



WeChat is a very popular app Chinese messaging app. With a user base of over 600 million users, this app offers some of the best features there is in the messaging and VoIP world. Users can send free messages as well as make free voice and video calls to any other user. Just like LINE and Viber, there is also room for playing games using this platform.


However, WeChat offers more than these as there are extra features that include WeChat moments and others such as hailing taxis, booking flights as well as making hotel reservations. Unlike WhatsApp, WeChat is totally free of any charge. However, it makes use of your phone number to sign you up for an account, just like the rest of these WhatsApp alternatives.