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Android antivirus industry experienced a tremendous boom in the past few years. This is partially due to the marketing efforts of many antivirus companies, but more importantly because of how popular Android has become. Viruses on Android do not live an easy life because of the high amount of fragmentation and a strong focus on security.

If you, however, do not want to take any risks, you can pick one of our top 3 best antivirus apps for Android and enjoy the additional layer of protection along with other security benefits.

Avast Mobile Security

Avast is a leading antivirus on Android operating system and also the most downloaded antivirus on website. With more than 55 million users all around the world and a high rating of 4.5 starts it has a lot to offer.


Avast Mobile Security functions both as an antivirus and also as an anti-theft protection with the ability to allow you to easily locate your lost phone or remotely wipe your data in order to avoid letting somebody else go through your private data or pictures. You are protected against the latest viruses and Trojans with automatic scans and proactive SMS protection.

The app is jam-packed with interesting features like SMS and call filter, web shield that can scan and block malware infected links, firewall, and even a network meter.

Avast Mobile Security antivirus is free but you can buy a Premium version for $1.99 every month and enjoy many extra features including app lock, ad detector, remote SMS, and password check that automatically locks after 3 failed attempts.


AVG (Anti-Virus Guard) is next to Avast a second antivirus and Internet security software from Czech Republic. It is available on Play Store for free and does a whole lot to help you stay safe from viruses, malware, spyware and harmful text messages.

AVG works in real-time to catch any possible threat before it can do any harm. The application will proactively recommend you the best device settings for maximum security. If you happen to lose your phone you can find it using Google Maps or remotely lock the device and even completely wipe all sensitive data from its memory.


This antivirus also comes with additional features that are designed to make your phone faster by allowing you to kill tasks and processes that can cause performance issues. You can also monitor battery consumption and data traffic to have a full control over what each application does when it is in the background.

AVG is free with in-app purchases. These will give you a really interesting features like the ability to automatically take a picture every time somebody enters 3 wrong passwords. This picture is then sent to your email address so that you are instantly alerted if somebody is trying to get into your phone.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes is the best solution for those who want a simple app that does one thing and does it great. While our two previous antiviruses do a great job when it comes to protection against viruses and other malware, they are also quite bloated with many features you might not want.

Malwarebytes gives you a strong protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, malicious SMS messages, and unauthorized access to your personal data. The app automatically scans your device for security problems and is able to identify the application that track your location so that you can decide if this is acceptable or not.

Many features like the remote lock or phone location are already an integral part of the latest Android OS and there is no need to use a third-party app with the same functionality. Developers behind Malwarebytes know this and that is why they offer only what you really need.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is available completely for free from Google Play Store.

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