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A lot of talk has been going around about Google’s new devices in collaboration with LG and Huawei coming to the market. The LG one, Nexus 5 2015, has most of the buzz of the tech world seeing how information and multiple photos of the gadget have been leaked. The new Google smartphone that will probably run the Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS is the talk in the town and we’re going to give you insight on what’s been said about it until now.

@OnLeaks on twitter has posted a supposedly leaked photo of a model case available for the new LG Nexus 5. The case doesn’t say much about a phone’s specifications, but for this smartphone it does bring up an interesting debate. We say debate because the case has an extra hole on the backing which is surely not for the camera, and people have been arguing about this matter for a few days.

Android 6.0 M Marshmallow

The dispute is mostly between the extra space being used for either navigation keys or a fingerprint scanner. We’ll tell the tale for why each of these options are possible. Firstly, the navigation keys are the power button and the volume up/down keys that LG has been known to locate on the rear of the phone before (just think of LG G3 or LG G4).

However, most reviewers are sticking with the fingerprint scanner because, first of all, the hole is a perfect circle which would make more sense for this purpose, rather than multiple buttons. Also, this is a Google device and we all know that their new operating system coming on the markets very soon will have support for fingerprint scanning. So, of course the company that produces the OS will also have the technology available on their new handset.

More recently, a person named Inno Yudah has leaked a photo on Google+ of what seems to be a prototype for the new handset that gives more insight into the dispute we were just talking about. The device is white, and has been known to appear in black in other photos, but this picture is the most believable because of the sticker we see on the backing reading ‘Not for sale’. The extra hole in the case seems to be for a silver ring on the rear of the gadget, which is actually more likely to be a fingerprint scanner rather than a button (only if they choose to make it virtual, which LG hasn’t been really known to do).

As for other features noticeable in the photo we can see a dual-LED flash and an overall elegant looking design.

Google Nexus 2015 vs iPhone 6S

Finally, if you’re interested in this new Google handset, we recommend you to watch a concept render video about it. A concept render is a video containing all of the mentioned rumors in the tech world and possibly some leaked photos, all combined into one replica of the phone.

Basically, you can see the market’s view on what the new handset will look like and these are usually pretty close to reality. We recommend you watch Jermaine Smit’s video, a digital artist that has uploaded such a concept video to YouTube. The video is very plausible, we’ll give him that.

If any other rumors on Google’s new smartphone surface on the web, we will be sure to keep you updated.

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