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We’re going to compare two of Google’s devices: the Nexus Player that will hit the markets very soon, and their already released Chromecast to see what the differences between the two are and, ultimately, which one will ensure the best user experience.

Chromecast is one great device to have around the house. What it does is basically stream any TV show, movie, documentary, etc. that you want to watch via HDMI. It’s as simple as that. You plug it in the HDMI port that your TV has, and you can use your other device as a controller with the help of the Chromecast app (you can have it on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS, or you can have it on a tablet, laptop, or computer).

Chromecast 2013 vs. Chromecast 2015

It is actually nice that Google’s device doesn’t have a special user interface, but has access to others like Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Youtube to help you stream whatever you want to watch. This doesn’t end here. The device also has a big number of apps and games to help you pass the time, and even has special games made just for the Chromecast which is a big plus. You can even have your own home CCTV system by using this device and its partner app. The Chromecast retails at around 110 US dollars.

The Nexus Player that is going to be released soon enough is actually more focused on the gaming part, rather than on the streaming. Don’t get us wrong, streaming with this gadget works wonders, but the gaming part is just exquisite. Many people it is a better match for other companies’ similar devices than the Chromecast is. The Nexus Player will be great competition to the most popular gadgets on the market like Roku’s Roku 3 and Amazon’s Fire TV.

The Nexus Player is actually more based on the gaming part of it all because it has its own user interface, Android TV, which is a ‘forked’ version of Android Lollipop. Your TV will pretty much turn into a huge tablet, which is just great with all the games you can find in the Google Play Store. Also, to help with the gaming factor, Google made a controller available to any customers that want the full experience.

The price of this device is of around 125 US dollars.

Another difference between the two Google gadgets, is, as you would assume, a difference in weight and measures. The Chromecast is a small device, measuring 72x35x12 mm and weighing in at only 34 grams. Its counterpart is actually a lot heavier at 235 grams, but it is understandable seeing how its measurements are 120x120x120 mm.


A difference between the Chromecast and Nexus Player is that the last one does not need another device to use as a controler. We don’t believe this is a downside to Chromecast however, since everyone will have another device ranging from smartphone to PC that they can use to control the gadget.

In the end, you can only decide by yourself what are your priorities: if you want a slightly cheaper device that will do the work just fine, you can opt for Google’s Chromecast.

If on the other hand, you are looking for the best gaming experience and are willing to buy the console-like controller, then you should opt for the company’s Nexus Player. Either way, you are getting a great device.