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The new Inbox from Google was introduced to make email easier. However, with a new interface, it takes some time to adjust, especially for users who are accustomed to the old Gmail interface.

Changes and Adjustments

Inbox surely needs some adjustments to be made by users, as the features are a little overwhelming. The commands are called differently and features exist in different places, with some of the Gmail features altogether missing as well.

UNITED STATES - APRIL 01:  The Gmail logo is pictured on the top of a welcome page in New York Friday, April 1, 2005.  (Photo by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
UNITED STATES – APRIL 01: The Gmail logo is pictured on the top of a welcome page in New York Friday, April 1, 2005. (Photo by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

However, if the user takes some time to adjust, it is easy enough to handle. Messages can be swiped, and there are Bundles along with snoozing features. Instead of the archive feature present in Gmail, there is the ‘done’ feature. The approach in Inbox is unconventional when compared to Gmail, and it has become more of a to-do list, rather than merely a message stack.

Neat Design

Inbox from Google has a neat and modern design that is refreshing, exemplifying the Material Design, with large buttons, bold colors and the like. Even the mobile application is refreshing and delightful. The improvement in the design is more than just a refreshing appearance. For instance, users can swipe up for closing messages. Such touches are tiny improvements, but capable of producing a better user experience.

Compelling Changes

Some of the interesting changes are that users can snooze a message using a single click or a swipe, making it simple but powerful for the user, especially when using a mobile device. Another compelling change is that reminders have been integrated and appear in the Inbox, which means that separate elements from various Google services overlap naturally.

Highlighting Feature

The application can bring in relevant information from emails, such as details regarding travel or a file attachment, a link to tracking a package and so on. Such information is shown in the main message in a highlighted way so that it is easy to get the information in one quick glance even before opening messages.

Of course, this feature is also present in the conventional Gmail application, but it appears to be more prominent and handy in case of Inbox.

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Bundles – A Noticeable Feature

Messages that come into your Inbox are automatically clustered into Bundles, such as Travel or Purchases and Social. They are shown in the form of single lines in the app, so that users can tap on it or click on it in order to expand them and view the different messages clustered in one category or bundle.

It is also easy to dismiss them, as all the messages in a bundle can be dismissed in one click or swipe. The feature was present in Gmail with the category system, but it is more streamlined in the Inbox.

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