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Windows 10 is the latest Microsoft operating system that was launched towards the end of last month, to be precise, on July 29.

This new operating system comes with new things to the millions of Windows users out there.

Unlike the unsuccessful Windows 8.1, this OS is expected to attract a huge crowd. At the time of its beta tests, this operating system attracted over 5 million users to the Windows Program. There are a further 40 million people who have since then signed up for the new version, and they are currently using it on their PCs.

Windows 10 Build 11097

While these millions of people who have already jumped onto this platform have a lot of liking for this OS, there is another group of persons that are quite unsatisfied with the new Windows 10, particularly with a number of features that have been included in this new operating system.

So, what are some of the worst features that have come along with Windows 10?

Start Menu

Many might be wondering: how is the Start Menu the worst addition to Windows 10 when it wasn’t there in Windows 8? Well, the re-introduction of the Start Menu is one of the best things Microsoft has done to lovers of Windows OS.

However, this new addition to this OS is not what the users exactly demanded. It comes as a miniaturized version of Windows 8 Start Screen, alongside a list menu shipped from Windows 7 rather than simply come up with a normal Start Menu.

Preinstalled games

Microsoft Windows 7 came preinstalled with some games among them Spider Solitaire, Minesweeper, Free Cell and many others. These games are no more in Windows 10 and instead, users will have to get the latest versions of the games from Microsoft games collection, which only but adds to the many hassles you already have with respect to getting to know this new OS.


Cortana is Windows’ Siri; a digital assistant is one amazing addition to Windows 10 OS. Using this feature, you will be able to get results from Bing pages whenever you ask for any help. Similar to Google Now, this new feature will give you immediate feedback on any question you ask and in some cases; you will receive graphical cards and a few spoken words. However, in most cases, Cortana will only provide you with feedback from your Web browser without you noticing as it quietly open up the browser.

Search box

Windows 10 also comes loaded with a traditional search box located on the taskbar, which is quite unusual. This search box is used to search contents in Windows, the web as well as apps.

Windows 10 vs. Mac OS X 10.11

The unfortunate thing about this search box feature is that it in addition to querying the Web; it also does so to Cortana. There is a lot of time wasted by this search box feature by looking for answers from the Web as well.

Settings menu

The settings menu is very important for the operations of any device. However, you will find two of these items in the latest Windows 10. There is a contemporary UI-based Settings menu and a rather traditional Control Panel. There are beef ups in the new Settings menu where you will come across detailed controls for networks, notifications as well as installed apps. However, the old Control Panel still homes most of the core settings of Windows 10.