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Usually, rooting a device is the best option available if you want to take advantage of the full potential of your Android device. But now, Android users no longer need to root their phones to get access to functionalities they want to get benefitted from because of some newly generated hacks.

These cool new Android hacks sure sound like they will need a rooted device, but actually they don’t. Listed below we have 4 of the smart little hacks you can perform with rooting your Android device:

  1. Hack games

You can hack a number of games without the need of rooting your Android phone using a hacking tool known as “Game Killer.” Since its inception, the tool has been updated regularly and to date, it consists of almost 800 games in its database.

Android Games 2015

What you have to do is, simply download the Game Killer APK file from their website. Since this app isn’t available on the Play Store, you will have to turn on the option for “Unknown Sources” in your phone settings to get access to it. It’s a quite heavy app so you might wish to download it through a Wi-Fi network.

After you have installed the Game Killer tool on your phone, tap the icon to launch the app. A list of games will appear and start loading and as soon as the loading gets complete, tap the button that says “Hack Android Games Without Root.” A list of all supported games will appear on the next screen. From this list you can select the game you want to modify or you can use the search feature to find your required game.

Once you select the game you want, a menu will appear that shows all the cheats that are available for that particular game. These cheats will differ depending on the type of game you wish to modify. Next, select the modifications you want to apply and then hit the “Hack” icon given at the bottom. That’s it. Game Killer will open the modified version of the game you chose along with the cheats.

  1. Record voice calls

If you want to record phone calls, say for whatever reason, you can do it properly by using the Automatic Call Recorder. With this app, you do not have to root your phone to record voice calls. It’s a completely free app that’s really easy-to-use and lets you set up voice recording on your Android device.

Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One M7, Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Although your manufacturer may have blocked the call recording feature on your phone, this app provides a number of options to unblock this setting.

  1. Convert navigation buttons into shortcuts

You can assign several shortcuts to your navigation buttons using the Home2 Shortcut app. This brilliant little app lets you re-assign new shortcuts to the navigation buttons that show up at the bottom of your device’s screen. With this app, you can easily configure your home button, for example, for launching a particular app when you double-tap it. For example, you can re-configure the shortcut for Google Play Music if you use the app frequently. This will help you get access to it instantly from any screen.

  1. Create customized widgets

A great way to utilize the functionalities of particular applications directly from comfort of your home screen is using widgets. If you really want to make your home screen reflective of your own personality, taste and choice, you should try downloading the Beautiful Widgets app to give your phone a more personalized touch.

Also, you can create shortcuts by which you won’t have to navigate to the same menus over and over again.

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